Chrissy Teigen Thinks Daughter Luna Will Be A Model Just Like Her

In one of her latest Instagram posts, American model and TV personality, Chrissy Teigen, shares a photo of her 3-year-old daughter Luna in a swimsuit posing on a rock in Thailand. The celebrity mom of 2 jokes that Luna will soon be following in her footsteps and could also be a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model someday.

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oh dear @mj_day

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Reinforcing Teigen's joke about her little future SI model, even MJ Day, the Editor of Sports Illustrated magazine, commented saying Luna even has the toe point down pat and hashtagged "#callmeLuna". Captioning the photo "oh dear @mj_day," Teigen knows she's soon going to be in a heap of trouble with this little beauty.

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Though a few fans did comment on the weather by saying they were concerned given the look of those waves (of course!), the majority of people focused more on how absolutely adorable Luna looked while rocking her little pink swimsuit. Luna posed so effortlessly showing the world her natural-born talent while giving the camera an "I am Luna, hear me roar!" kind of look.

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In earlier posts on Teigen's Instagram, Luna can be seen striking all kinds of poses wearing bathing suits and dresses she's proud to show off. Though some have criticized the celebrity mother by saying Luna should be more concerned with playing than she should be having her picture taken, it's plain to see that Luna loves every minute of being in front of the camera.

Three weeks ago, Teigen posted a photo of her daughter on a beach wearing a beautiful ankle-length red dress in which we can see just how fierce Luna can get with the camera! With her hand on her hip, overlooking her shoulder, Luna looks more like her mom than ever in this incredibly well-shot photo.

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Whether Luna decides to follow in her mother's or her father's footsteps, or if she decides to make her own path, we can't know for certain but with the celebrity parents she has, Luna (along with her little brother, Miles) will certainly have all the connections they'll need to get to wherever they want to go.

As for now, we can all gawk at her photo sass and cuteness while we follow along as she grows into the amazingly talented woman we know her parents will raise her to be.

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