Watching Chrissy Teigen's Son Trying To Crawl Will Make Your Heart Melt

Look out, Teigen/Legend family: you've got a mover on your hands. Earlier this week, Chrissy Teigen shared an adorable video on Instagram of 10-month-old Miles doing a pretty mean army crawl as he played with a musical toy on the floor. It won't be long before he's mastered the real thing, and then the fun really begins!

"Sooooo close, Miles!" captioned the proud mom. The Lip Sinc Battle host is a fan favourite on social media (with well over 23 million followers on Instagram) for capturing and sharing her life's many adventures - and those of her adorable kids.

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sooooo close, Miles!!!

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Chrissy and her husband, musician John Legend, are already pretty familiar with how this is all going to play out. After all, they've gone through the crawling stage and then some already with Miles' big sister Luna, who is now nearly three. But that didn't stop proud dad John from being excited all over again and cheering his boy on behind the camera.

"There you go boy, get it!" he is heard saying in the background as Miles inches forward. Earlier on in the video, you can even see him dragging the toy away from Miles as if to encourage him to get moving.

It's clear that the Teigen/Legend household is full of love and support, no matter what life throws their way. In addition to dad John's encouraging words, fierce mama Chrissy has never been one to back down when the trolls come out. Several months ago, she shared that little Miles needed a corrective helmet to help fix his flat spot, a common condition called positional plagiocephaly. It didn't take long for the mom-shamers to come out of the woodwork, taking to the comments section to offer unsolicited advice and lecture Chrissy on what they believed was best for Miles.

Her response on Twitter was perfect.

"Good morning trolls!" she wrote. "Just a friendly reminder that you do not indeed know absolutely everything. Miles has been seeing a physiotherapist - we didn’t just go straight to helmet. We tried muscle work and will continue. Also, your flat headed kid turned out fine yes yes yes I agree."

On Instagram, Chrissy shared that she has been away for work in Pittsburgh and that hubby John is on "solo daddy duty," adding that she realizes her social media feed is "ALL my kids now" and that she doesn't know who she's become.

"I can't stop myself. I need help. Ha!" she joked.

We're all totally fine with it, Chrissy! Keep posting!

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