Christian Bale Reveals That His Children Have “Never Seen Any” Of His Films

Award wining actor Christian Bale has stared in many Hollywood blockbuster films. Thousands of people around the world have watched his performances on the big screen.

Surprisingly, Christian Bale said that his children, Emmeline, 14, and Joseph, 5, aren’t among those crowds and haven’t seen any of his movies. The only reason he gave reporters was that his family has a really nice private life. He enjoys being a family with them and they do not focus so much on being famous. But still, how could his kids really not know that their dad is (or, should we say, was) Batman?

Christian Bale has a plethora of movies, most of them are for mature audiences, but he does have several lighthearted films that his children could watch. In Disney’s Newsies he stared as the protagonist Jack singing and dancing in 1920s New York dreaming about making it to Santa Fe. He lent his voice in another Disney movie Pocahontas, as Thomas, a shy and gentle man who learns how to stand up for himself and others. Other than Disney, he voiced the handsome and charming wizard Howl in Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle, which is completely suitable for young children. Lastly, he voiced Bagheera in Andy Serkis' Netflix movie Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle.

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As for live acting, when Bale prepares for a character, he quite literally transforms himself into that character. From shedding 60 pounds for The Machinist, to bulking up for Batman Begins, then gaining 40 pounds for Vice, Bale is one dedicated actor. His dedication pays off since he won an Oscar earlier this year for his role as Dick Cheney, and nearly all movie goers say he was unrecognizable. Going through these transformations clearly can take a toll on Bale, and maybe he doesn’t want to expose his children to such extreme measures. 

Bale constantly dotes about his wife and kids to the press. He even told interviewers that he’s a “too much a softie” and tears up when he talks about his family. When he received his Oscar this year, he jokingly called his children “Banana and Burrito” since other celebrities were naming their children after things they love. Everyone went nuts thinking he was telling the truth.

This playful spirit shows that he is a real family man and loves his kids. It is admirable that he wants to keep his family life private and help his kids stay kids for as long as they can.

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