Christie Brinkley Shares Lovely Tribute To Grown Daughters Sailor And Alexa

Christie Brinkley wants the world to know that she’s very proud of her daughters and the young ladies they have become. As a matter of fact, the supermodel wrote a touching tribute to 21-year-old Sailor Brinkley-Cook and 33-year-old Alexa Ray Joel in celebration of National Daughters Day last week.

Just like so many other parents who took to their social media accounts to pay tribute to their daughters, Christie Brinkley did the same on Instagram. She shared a photo of her and her girls during what looked like a relaxing day full of massages and pampering at a spa. The picture shows Brinkley and her daughters wearing face masks along with matching sunglasses. Brinkley also wrote a heartfelt poem honouring Sailor and Alexa on their special day.

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According to People Magazine, the poem read, “Ones a ‘Betty’ and ones a ‘Veronica’, One plays Piano, and one the harmonica. One is salt, the other pepper, One travels light, and ones a schlepper. One dances in moonlight and one in the Sun, but don’t try to pick your favorite one. Comparisons drive them both totally mad, they worry the other one will be sad. With all of their hearts they love each other and I’m so proud to be their mother!”

Meanwhile, both Alexa and Sailor have been showing their mother a lot of love after it was speculated that the blonde beauty apparently faked her broken arm on the first day of Dancing With The Stars so she could drop out of the show. At least, this is what some television personalities, like Wendy Williams, have been saying out loud.

Brinkley, for her part, has been posting photos from the hospital and has dismissed all claims that she is faking her injury. She went as far as to post several different photos of her injury on social media, X-rays that were taken at the hospital and even a few shots of her posing and modelling in her wheelchair outside of the hospital.

It was previously reported that Brinkley was in dance rehearsals when she tripped over her partner’s foot and broke her arm. Brinkley also added – in tears, no less – that she was stunned by Wendy Williams and her accusations. She plans on calling her to set the record straight about her injury. So far Williams has not made any additional comments about the controversy.

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