Christina Aguilera Says Having Kids Is A 'Very Spontaneous' Decision For Her

Christina Maria Aguilera, the famous Grammy-awards winner American singer, recently discussed her work-life balance and admitted that she is "very spontaneous" when it comes to herkids.

Christina has been very successful with her various albums and world tours. Hers is a life every singer dreams of. But, we have noticed quite a decline in her touring and music releases since she has had kids.  In an interview with Haute Living magazine, the pop diva revealed her priorities when it comes to raising kids with her stardom.

She spoke on how she has prioritized her kids, which is why she decided to not to tour for a while because she wants a stable, routine life for her kids. She said,"Even when I took the spot on [The Voice], it wasn't really something I wanted to pursue; I just decided, ‘It keeps me in L.A. and in a place where I can focus on my kids.'"

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Keeping at bay her passion for music, she put her kid's well-being before her interests. And, still managed to create new music and perform at Planet Hollywood. She shared her feeling when she had to finally get back to work, "I was suffering inside because I wasn't touring. I wasn't doing what I love to do, so we fixed that.".

She further disclosed that she did not execute any particular plan when conceiving her kids and has not given any thought for a third pregnancy because she likes these decisions to be "spontaneous." The 38-year-old pop star stated, "What the universe thinks will be, will be. Who knows what's in the future? But, as of now, [I'm not planning on having more kids]."

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Everyone Mom's life changes with the entry of a child - and this Grammy-award winner is no different! She explains how her focus shifted from her career to her kids and how she could not think of anything else, even though she's been career-driven since a young age.

Christina said she feels proud and happy while spending time with the kids, explaining, "You're part of these amazing little people's lives, and it teaches you patience and teaches you things about yourself that you don't like, that you want to work on. It's a constant journey of learning. They teach me so much, and they challenge me all the time to be better."

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The Genie in a Bottle hitmaker is the proud mom of an 11-year-old son, Max, from her marriage to Jordan Bratman. She also has a 5-year-old daughter, Summer, with her partner Matthew Rutler. Alongside her robust music career, she was a coach for six seasons of the TV singing competition, The Voice from 2011 to 2016.

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