Christina Anstead Admits How Much Weight She’s Gained During Third Pregnancy

Christina and Ant Anstead are pregnant with their first child together. Christina is 31 weeks and has shared that she has gained 22 pounds and can only wear maxi dresses at this point.

Flip or Flop star, Christina Anstead, is 31 weeks pregnant and she shares the most adorable picture on her Instagram of her pregnancy. She announced her pregnancy back in March. She shared a picture of her and her husband, Ant, holding an ultrasound picture and they were blurred out in the background. We were all so excited for them to add another kiddo to their blended family. Ant has two children that he shares with his ex-wife. Christina has two children that she shares with her ex-husband and co-star, Terek El Moussa. Terek and Christina went through a very public separation and divorce, but still, are managing to run their business and continue their show through all of the chaos.

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The most current picture of Christina is of course beautiful. Does the woman even know how to take an unattractive photo? She comments about that fact that she has already gained 22 pounds so far and captions the photo "oh the joys." She then continues on by saying that she has just 3 more weeks until she starts her maternity leave and that she is going to finish the baby's nursery soon. She also mentions that she is not sleeping very well and the only thing that she can wear are maxi dresses because even her biggest pants don't fit anymore.

We think that she is being way too hard on herself. She looks absolutely stunning and she is anything but "big." She just has her cute baby bump! This woman is only bump! Christina has been very health and fitness conscious so it doesn't surprise us that she is concerned about her weight. We love Christina and we think she is beautiful. Her husband thinks she is gorgeous too. He comments on the picture, "The prettiest EVER 😍❤️🔥🔥." We totally agree with Ant!

The couple revealed that they are going to be having a little baby boy. Well, actually, Terek accidentally shared that the couple was going to be having a boy. During an interview he let it slip that the couple was going to be having a little boy. He later realized that the couple hadn't officially announced that part of her pregnancy yet. Christina later confirmed that she was indeed having a boy. Christina didn't seem too upset by Terek's slip up. She was just so excited that they would be welcoming a sweet little baby boy into this world!

Only 9 more weeks until your due date! We are so excited to be able to see pictures of the sweet little boy when he arrives.

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