Christina Anstead Reveals That She Ate Her Newborn's Placenta One Week After Birth

Christina Anstead admits that she ate her placenta a week after her son was born.

Flip or Flop star, Christina Anstead and husband Ant Anstead welcomed their first child together on September 6. Christina has two other children that she shares with ex-husband and co-star, Tarek El Moussa. Ant shares two children with his ex. Together the blended family now has 5 children together. The couple was very excited to welcome a new baby into their family and they named the little guy Hudson.

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Christina recently shared that for the first time she decided to eat the placenta one week after delivering her child. The placenta was taken and made into little pills. Christina decided to eat the capsules. She shared a picture on her Instagram story showing a pink bottle and she shared, “First time I’ve tried it — and I think these placenta encapsulation [pills] are working 🎉💕”

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As weird as it may seem, many women have made the decision to make pills out of their placenta and take the pills to help them recover from pregnancy and deal with many of the effects of post-partum. Consuming the placenta is thought to help with post-partum depression, headaches, overall mood, and increase energy and milk supply. Many people believe that the placenta can help with micronutrients such as iron. Christina believes that taking placenta pills has helped with some post-partum issues.

Christina is certainly not the only celebrity who has opened up about consuming their placenta after birth. Some celebrities who have admitted to taking the placenta pills are Chrissy Teigen, Nikki Reed, Kardashian girls, Katherine Heigl, and even Hilary Duff! All of these celebrities are convinced that their placenta helped them have a quicker and easier recovery after birth!

Although many people believe that eating the placenta is beneficial there is actually a lot of experts who don't believe that eating the placenta is safe, or that there is even evidence to prove that that the placenta is beneficial to the mother. Dr. Sara Swift, an OB-GYN in Green Bay, Wisconsin, previously weighed in on the matter and told PEOPLE that placenta eating “gets a big fat no from me.” She continues by saying, “There is no proven scientific evidence that placentophagy is beneficial — no increase in breastmilk production, as it can actually have the opposite effect, and no benefit in mood, etc. — all the benefits are thought to be placebo effects."

If women believe that it is actually helping their recovery and their post-partum time then that is all that matters right? Either way, we are so excited that we finally have been getting to see some pictures of baby Hudson! Congratulations Ant and Christina on the beautiful baby boy!

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