Christina Anstead Reveals Her Son Is Having Trouble Adjusting To Having A Newborn In The House

Christina and Ant Anstead welcomed their child together back in September and Christina shares that her four-year-old has been struggling with the adjustment of a new baby.

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Flip or Flop star, Christina Anstead recently shared a photo of her two sweet sons on an Instagram post. The photo showed her four-year-old son Brayden kissing her newborn baby boy Hudson. One may look at this photo and think that it is an adorable picture depicting an older brother adoring over his baby brother with pure and unconditional love. However, once you look down at the caption you realize that Anstead writes, "He may or may not have been bribed with a chocolate chip cookie making session 🤭." Obviously Brayden didn't do this on his own free will is just hilarious because Brayden isn't quite sure of his younger brother yet.

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Christina has not been shy about the realities of having a newborn in their home. It has been quite the transition for their whole family. Her son is only four and has been through a lot of changes in such a short amount of time. He has had to struggle through his parents divorce, a new home, a stepdad, step-siblings, co-parenting, and now he has a new brother. It is a lot. Christina shared a video of her husband Ant holding Husdon while Brayden walks up to the baby. Bray walks up and said, "hey I am your big brother" and then walks away. She captions the post, "Baby Hudson has probably been the biggest adjustment for Bray (well maybe not - but he’s the only one who actually says so lol) . It can be a bit tough when he just wants “alone time” but I’m sure he will be loving it when they can play together and cause all that brotherly mayhem!! Plus Bray you will always have the best lashes in the Family 💙"

The HGTV star also has one older daughter named Taylor. She shares Taylor and Brayden with her ex-husband, and co-star, Tarek El Moussa. Ant Anstead has two children that he shares with his ex-wife. Together the couple welcomed their son Hudson in September. Christina delivered Hudson via c-section and she admitted to eating her placenta because she believes that it helps with different symptoms of postpartum. She also admitted that she pushed herself a little too hard too soon after her delivery and she was sent to bed rest to take some time to rest.

We know that Brayden and Hudson are going to be best friends someday! We know that one day Brayden will be so grateful that he has a little brother. Hudson will be running and playing with him in no time.

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