Christina Anstead's Baby Boy Will Cry For Hours, 'Newborn Life Is Hard' She Says

Christina Anstead shares how newborn life is just really hard and her son could cry for hours!

There is something just so beautiful about having a newborn in your home. Newborns are definitely the most unique stage for both mom and baby. Yes, newborns are perfect and have the most wonderful smell. They are the easiest babies to snuggle because they aren't mobile and they love falling asleep being held and cuddled. However, the newborn stage is also very difficult for both mom and baby.

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Baby is trying to figure out their new bodies. They used to have all their needs met, they never were hungry and they were constantly being snuggled to mom in a warm environment. Now, they are learning how to eat, digest food and they don't get to be held all the time. They have to eat every two hours. They are pooping a lot and their only way of communication is to cry. Mom is tired, trying to heal from giving birth and being pregnant for 9 months and she is also sometimes having to take care of other children. It is a very beautiful, wonderful, miserable, horrible, amazing, tiring time. You just have all of the emotions.

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I was dropping Tay off at school this morning with a screaming Hudson in the car (and I looked like a hot mess which is the norm the past 6 weeks) when she said something that really hit home. She said mom, do paparazzi still follow you around. And I said no not lately. Why? She said well what if they got a photo of you looking like THAT 🙄😂 I’m like I wouldn’t care, that’s the least of my worries ... this is how I look and I’m still out and about, this is how new moms look. And she sort of pondered that and said she wants three kids and I have to live with her so I can watch them. Well glad these past 6 weeks haven’t scared her off from babies lol. Newborn life is hard. It’s not all instagram filters of perfection that people put out there. F that. That’s so misleading for new moms. I haven’t been online or posting much because my hands are full - literally. Huds is definitely a tough baby. He will sometimes cry for hours straight. We have had trouble with sucking (checked for tongue tie / lip tie) those were fine. Cut out dairy, tried colic calm, he doesn’t spit up so prob not reflex. What works is him tightly double swaddled in a dark cool room with very loud white noise.... Hudson’s choice of spending his time is very unrealistic when we have a crazy 4 year old running around who definitely needs attention as well as a 9 year old girl who one-on-one time is her love language. I say this with mad props to all stay at home moms / moms with more than 2 kids . Being outnumbered is no joke. I go back to work in 2 weeks so it’s about to get even more crazy around here. I’m lucky because one of my best friends, Shannon @pinkdustcosmetics , is a new mom too and she does my hair and makeup at home before work and we get to have a one hour therapy/vent session, and I know this is a luxury. So when you see me looking decent on tv know that I probably had a freaking crazy morning and it is what it is. I’m lucky because I do love my job and I’m excited to start some new episodes of #christinaonthecoast Sorry for the long post- Wish us all luck. It takes a village lol.

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Christina Anstead recently gave birth to her son via c-section. She is trying to recover from pregnancy and her operation all while taking care of her two older children and her newborn. It is a lot of hard work. She said that her son could just cry all day long if she let him. She said that she has had a lot of trouble with her son nursing and he has had really bad colic. She has tried everything including taking out dairy to see if that would help him cry less. She said the only thing that helps is having him double swaddled, in a dark room and with white noise. She said that her newborn, Hudson, would love to be held all day but she doesn't have a choice when she has a little 4-year-old at home too.

Anstead shares that it has been a hard time for her. She said that she was dropping her daughter Taylor off at school. Hudson was screaming and Taylor asked her if paparazzi still followed her around. Anstead said that they don't do it a lot lately and then Taylor asked, "what if they got a photo of you looking like that!" Anstead shared that the last 6 weeks she has looked like a hot mess. She told her daughter that she wouldn't care if somebody took her picture. She is really tired and everybody would know that she is overwhelmed. Getting a picture taken of her looking like a hot mess is the least of her worries. Anstead said that moms of two or more kids is no joke. It is so hard being outnumbered.

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