Christine Meehan-Berg's New Comedy Album Pokes Fun At Pregnancy...And Herself

Christine Meehan-Berg did something brave. It wasn't getting on stage for the first time to start her comedy career over 10 years ago. And it wasn't her decision to get pregnant and bring a child into the world. Her bravery comes from combining these two somewhat scary things in life: becoming a mom and stand-up comedy.

Brave Christine Meehan-Berg took the comedic stage in her ninth month of pregnancy to record her debut comedy album, aptly titled Bumped. And it turned out amazing. Any woman who has been pregnant knows that the last month of pregnancy isn't exactly enjoyable and you're usually just bumping and waddling all around trying to deal.

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You're swollen, tired, bloated, feeling huge, sweat from doing nothing, and are just ready to be done and meet your sweet baby. Unless you were loving pregnancy in which case, that's wonderful and we're so glad you had a great experience.

Christine persevered and recorded this album on the same day she peed on herself. Twice. How do we know? She jokes about it on Bumped of course. That's how real it gets. But really, who didn't pee on themselves just a little bit while pregnant?

Her sweet baby that made life temporarily miserable is a full-fledged toddler and torturing Christine in a whole different way now. As it always is, a rough pregnancy is 100% worth the prize at the end.

Bumped debuted on May 29th and cracked the top 5 on Sound Cloud the week it premiered. Its a must listen for any mom, woman, or lover of laughing at a genuinely funny comedian. You'll be cracking up from the start as Christine self deprecatingly introduces herself.

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For some pregnancy is a beautiful time full of rainbow and butterflies, but for Christine, it just wasn't that. She channeled her pregnancy woes into an honest tale of nine months of no comfort and uncertainty. All you can do is laugh at it.

Christine is married to fellow comedian Aaron Berg so we know these two must always be cracking each other up. She graciously gives Aaron the title of the funniest comedian and, really, the man behind Bumped. 

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If she looks familiar you probably recognize Christine as Scary Mommy's resident breastfeeding expert, Miss Pillows. Christine has done a series of video for the site combining her sense of humor with sound breastfeeding advice and support for moms no matter how they fed their babies.

She also tours occasional and does regular stand up shows in the New York City areas. You can find Bumped on Apple music. It will introduce you to Christine, her raw honesty, and her appealing brand of feminine honesty.

Download it today and listen with your girlfriends, or on your own if you need a good laugh and just a few minutes away.




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