10 Christmas Baby Photoshoots (That You Can Actually Pull Off At Home)

As the festive season approaches you will no doubt be thinking about ways to make it special and memorable for your beautiful little baby. There are so many memories to be made and moments to cherish, but a popular way to immortalize your baby's' first Christmas is by having a Christmas themed photoshoot to capture some wonderful festive photos.

Yes, you could take your little one to a professional photography studio that offers themed sessions, and the photos would no doubt be stunning, but why not consider a DIY shoot? All you need is time, patience and a camera. Grab yourself a festive cocktail (or mocktail) and enjoy our list of 10 christmas themed baby photos that you can pull off at home!

10 Fairy Lights

One of your little ones' favorite things about Christmas is bound to be the fairy lights. Your baby will be drawn to these twinkling magical little globes of light like a tiny adorable moth.

Usually, strings of fairy lights are better to be kept out of the hands of a baby (too many hazards!) but for the sake of a festive picture why not dim the overheads, fire up some fairy lights and let your little one get tangled up in the magic of Christmas? If you are using a smartphone or a camera that has a 'low light' setting, this will give a gorgeous glowing effect.

9 Gift Wrapped

Your baby is certainly one of the most precious gifts that has ever come into your life, both literally and metaphorically. This themed Christmas gift photoshoot idea puts that sentiment into the spotlight. All you need for this idea is a large cardboard box with a lid.

You could use a plain background, or put the gift box under the tree (if you dare!). Either way, you will end up with a beautiful picture of your precious little baby for their first Christmas. Top tip; fold up a towel to put in the bottom of the box  to keep your little one comfy, and keep the nappy on!

8 Milk & Cookies

A huge part of the Christmas Eve ritual is leaving a snack and a drink for Santa. He is a busy man, and he needs energy and refreshment to make it to all the houses to deliver gifts and a quick treat break can give him (or mum...or dad...) a boost!

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If your little one is older and can sit unaided, why not serve them a drink of their usual milk in a cute milk bottle and place some appetising looking cookies nearby. If your little one is younger, wait until they go to sleep then pose them near the treats, and it will seem as though they have fallen asleep waiting for the big man in red to show up!

7 Furry Friend

Whatever your beliefs, the holidays are for spending time with loved ones and family. For those of us with pets, they definitely qualify as family, so why not include them in your babys' Christmas pictures? They could sport matching Santa hats, or sit infront of the tree together. We love the way that these two are in semi-silhouette!

If you have a dog, this idea will probably be a little easier, but if you have a cat you could get them an appropriate Christmas collar or a festive print cat bed and get them to curl up next to your baby before snapping some lovely images.

6 Oh Christmas Tree

This idea strips all the glitter and color away, and puts your beautiful baby in front of one of the most iconic symbols of the Christmas season. In houses across the world, Christmas time truly starts when you come together as a family and put up your decorations, particularly the Christmas tree.

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If your little one is older, they can sit up and hold a bauble or a gift box (empty, of course!) or if they are younger, you can lie them on a soft blanket with the tree in the background. You could plave decorations, tinsel or fairylights near by or simple leave the beauty of your baby to steal the show! Top tip; play with focus to get some gorgeous glowing lights if you use a lit up tree in the background.

5 Dashing Through The Snow

One of the things that makes a lot of us feel Christmassy is snow. Of course, it depends where you live, but for a lot of families, the only time that they get to sled is in the winter months, around Christmas time. You can buy decorative sleds for fairly cheaply at second hand stores and yard sales if you do not have one already.

This option works best if your little one is able to sit unaided, although for smaller babies you could always fold up a nice soft blanket and lie them on top of the sled for an adorable Christmas memory that you will cherish forever.

4 Letter To Santa

Letterboards are all the rage, and for good reason! They offer a modern and easy way to caption your photos, without having to use an editing tool to add the text to your picture after the fact. They are perfect for most occasions, and Christmas is no different!

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You could put a whole host of sayings on your letter board and place it next to your baby in festive attire for some funny and lovely photos. Perhaps you could put a letter to santa, wether your little bundle of love is on the 'naughty' or 'nice' list, or an amusing take on some well known songs and carols.

3 Driving Home For Christmas

On first clance, this photo seems a bit more ambitious, and a bit less likely for 'at home' success, but hear us out! A toy car and an artificial tree is all you need to make a Christmassy scene for your little one to pose in that will rival professional galleries! Of course this is best suited for older babies who are able to sit up unaided and look around (including at the camera!) but this really could not be simpler.

Tie the tree to the roof using thin rope or string, and decorate with a string of battery powered lights for even more magic. This example has had some snow added using an editing tool, but this is optional. If it is snowing where you are, great! Just make sure to wrap little one up warm while you catch that image of your winter wonderland.

2 Santa Baby

One of the easiest but most effective options for taking a christmas themed photo of your baby at home is by simply dressing them in a pair of nice festive pajamas and putting a little santa hat on their adorable little head. Bonus points for a soft and fuzzy santa-hatted friend! The rest, is up to you!

You could combine this look with a number of other entries on this list by sitting them on a sled, in a gift box or in front of the tree, or simply place them against a plain (and soft!) backdrop and let the Christmas cuteness shine.

1 Bedtime Story

Almost every family has their Christmas Eve Rituals. A lot include Christmas Eve boxes, festive films, and comfy pajamas. Perhaps you bake treats for Santa or visit with family. Whatever your routines or rituals, most houses will read their little one a special bedtime story on Christmas Eve to help their baby nod off to dreamland and wait for Santa to visit.

Whether you choose to read one of the classics or a more modern Christmas tale, taking a photo of your little one with their favorite festive book makes a lovely Christmas photo to keep and treasure. Smaller babies can be posed on the pages of an open book, while older babies can sit up and hold their own story book for the photo. You could even make it a family affair and snap mum or dad reading to baby at a very special moment of the year.

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