Build These Christmas Eve Traditions With Your Baby

As a kid, the most magical time of year was Christmas. The twinkly lights, the palpable lift in holiday cheer, and the deluge of gifts from family and friends all added up to a huge month-long party in my eyes! And of all the magic of Christmas, I particularly loved the Christmas Eve candlelight service at my childhood church. The trembling light gleaming in the stained glass, the warmth of the flame near your hand. It made me feel positively brimming with anticipation of all the joy to share the next day! Since it's Christmas Eve today, why not start a tradition with your family right now? I bet you can squeeze at least one of these into your day!

Read A Christmas Book To Your Baby

Even if you can't get Santa to read it with you! Via Greenwich Library

My husband has fond memories of his father reading to him as a child. Even now, our son loves for "Ganpaw" to read his favorite books! Let's embrace the cozy feels for the kids and celebrate the Christmas season by reading a book together. Perhaps an elf can drop off an early Christmas gift, to be opened and read together right before bed! Some families choose to re-read the same book every year, while others choose a new holiday book every season. Even if you're not a regular reader I promise you'll find something you like! The point is: slow down and read!

Open Christmas Eve Matching Family Pajamas

What could be cuter and cozier than matching jammies? Via Good To Know

One of the joys of doing holidays together is realizing just how differently each family "does" the holidays. As a kid, my husband opened almost all his gifts on Christmas Eve. He claims the excitement of Christmas morning was still there, as they'd have *even more* gifts to open. I say nay - my family reverently only opened ONE gift on Christmas Eve. We could choose which one, and it was only reserved for especially good behavior all day long! Make it a party and give everyone matching family pajamas for Christmas morning! How about you all wear your jammies as you read your Christmas story together?

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Check Out Neighborhood Christmas Lights Together

Ay any age, Christmas lights are pretty magical! Via Our Living Room

Whether you hoof it with your baby in a carrier, push your kid in a stroller through the snow and ice, or simply drive around your local subdivisions at 4 MPH - get out there and peep those lights! I'm not sure if it's the actual glowiness, the movement and twinkling, or the riot of colors. All I know is that Christmas trees and lights are magical at any age! They immediately soothe me and they enchant my kids. Done and done!

Bake Christmas Cookies For Police, Fire, & Emergency Room Staff

To thank them for the good work they do! Via The Sicklerville Sun

The very first Christmas after my son was born, we started our personal Christmas cheer-spreading tradition. I baked a mass of cookies, topped them with royal icing, and took them to our local L&D and Emergency Room. Someone has to provide medical care (or confront criminal situations or clean up amniotic fluid) instead of opening presents - and we wanted to thank them for the important work they would do that day! We've since added the neighborhood police officers and fire department to that list as well.

It's the most wonderful time of the year, everybody! Only one more day until Christmas - which means everyone is probably worn out, stressed out, and maxed out on all the season's festivities. But wait! There's still some Christmas magic to make! Especially for the littlest ones. It's never too early to start participating in family traditions together!

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