Best Unexpected Christmas Gifts For New Moms

New moms deserve all the support we can give them! Especially during the stressful holiday season, freshly postpartum women need to get a little extra TLC. When holiday celebrations are too much, it's okay to give the new family a break. Since it's Christmas, it's easy to pick up a cute newborn holiday outfit! I get it, I want to do the same thing. They're just so darn cute it's almost unbearable! But here's the trick: that's not what's going to help a newly postpartum mom. No, they need gifts that are unexpected, generous, and centered on making their life easier and happier.

Help New Moms With Cleaning Or Cooking

Put an older kid in the baby carrier and cook for her - two birds, one stone! Via Ergo

This is so straightforward: just bring food. Even if you don't have time for a full visit, drop a meal off at their home. I've dropped a few frozen pizzas on a doorstep before! If you know the mom well enough, offer to clean her home for her. Do a load of dishes, or sweep the floor. Let the new mama soak up her baby cuddles and recover as you help her. That's the sweetest Christmas gift you could give her!

Get Her A "First Christmas As A Mom" Ornament

It's common to see babies get a "First Christmas" ornament - my mom had one for each of us! With all the excitement around the new baby, it's easy to forget that this is a huge life change for mom, too. It's her first holiday season as a mother - and it can be disorienting. Welcome to the club, friend. We're going to remind each other to shower somewhat regularly and out kids are going to get each other sick all the time. Motherhood is a wild ride; commemorate the start of the journey!

New Moms Need A Postpartum Gift Box For Christmas

This is a fantastic postpartum gift! Via All About Baby's World

My favorite postpartum maternal care brand, Earth Mama Angel Baby, makes a gorgeous gift box that's perfect for Christmas gift-giving! This is still very mom-centered, as the products are really top-of-the-line pampering treats. You can find new mom staples like nipple balm, "bottom" spritz, and lotions. The point is to encourage mom to rest, recover, and care for herself while she cares for the baby.

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Give Mama A Glass Of Wine For Christmas

Yes, you read that correctly. Wine. Get the woman a gorgeous wine glass to commemorate her entrance into motherhood! Or, better yet - a wine subscription! This gift is a bonus built-in excuse to come help the new mom drink her wine...and squeeze in some baby snuggles while you're at it. Presumably, this person has waited quite some time to enjoy a good glass - or two - of wine. Indulge them!

Bring Her Breakfast In Bed

Aaahhh... breakfast in bed...alone...I might be getting lost in this fantasy. Via Reddit Subreddit Baking

Maybe I'm living out my own personal fantasies here? I'd love to have breakfast in bed on Christmas morning. In truth, I've been scoping out those bed-sized tray tables on Amazon. Sisterhood is walking boldly into someone's room while they still have morning breath and beaming at them with a mug of hot coffee in your hands. Look, they're parents now. They need to get used to people being up in their bed, like, all the time for the next ten years. Plus, you're feeding me. I mean, them. You're feeding them! What would you want on your breakfast-in-bed tray? Fresh fruit, waffles, coffee with real cream, maple syrup...how much time do we have for breakfast?

Offer Postpartum Moms Free Babysitting

Give this woman a break. If she has other kids, offer to provide a night of free childcare. Sometimes new moms can forget who they are - their identity outside of milk machine and diaper-changer - and they need to get away and discover themselves again. Maybe the couple hasn't had a date night in months and they just can't afford a babysitter. You'd be a saint, even if it's only a few hours to let her get out for a pedicure. Merry Christmas to her - thanks to you!

Give Her The Gift Of Doula Services

Postpartum doulas will support you by doing your dishes or staying up with a colicky baby. It's about what that new mom needs! Via Doulas Of Bellingham

My favorite unexpected Christmas gift is the service of a doula! Yes, doulas can help support a family during labor. However, they can also provide postpartum services particularly tailored to the new parents! Some doulas offer night-nurse support, others do household chores. I've even seen doulas offer exclusively postpartum services and step aside from birth work altogether! Allow that mom to rest by offering the services of a reputable doula - and give her a well-rested first Christmas.

Any of these Christmas gifts would make a happy holiday for a fresh mom. It's not too late to run out and pick something special up for the new mothers in your world! Even half an hour of dishwashing could be a Christmas blessing. No matter what you do, let them bask in the warmth of holiday cheer together. Giving families time together is a great gift for any season - and especially meaningful on that first Christmas!

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What Christmas gift are you giving to the new moms in your life? Tell me what I should add to my list on Twitter @pi3sugarpi3 with #ChristmasForNewMoms.


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