10 Best Christmas Gifts For Newborns

Babies first Christmas, an important, very special, and very memorable time in a babies first year of life. Usually new moms want their babies first Christmas to be super special, regardless of whether or not they will remember it. However, when it comes to thinking of what kind of gifts to buy for a newborn baby to unwrap on Christmas day, it can be hard to decide on what to get. They are newborns so they don't really play with toys, won’t get any joy out of money, and can’t have things like candy canes. So what can they have? In this article we will go over ten things that would make the perfect Christmas present for any newborn baby.

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10 Onesies

When it comes to buying Christmas presents for a newborn, you really can’t go wrong with buying onesies. Babies spit up, they get messy, and they need their clothing changed multiple times a day. This is why we think that babies can never have enough onesies. It’s always good to have spare onesies wherever you go anywhere just to be safe. To make this even more festive you could get Christmas themed onesies for the newborn that you are buying for, of course, that does mean they will probably only be able to wear them around the holiday season.

9 Pacifiers

Pacifiers aren’t something that all babies use, but for those who do use them, they are always getting lost or dirty. This is why it is essential for some parents to carry an extra pacifier or two on hand at all times. Let’s not forget that there are some really cool pacifiers out there. You can find some that look like mustaches, some that look like lips, and even some that have big teeth, making it something that can be fun to buy. So, if you are unsure as to what you should buy for a newborn, consider a cool new pacifier.

8 Teethers

There’s no doubt about the fact that the teething stage can be really difficult. Baby gets fussy and mom loses sleep trying to think of ways that she might be able to help ease the babies discomfort. If you're shopping for a newborn for Christmas you might want to consider getting them a few teethers. Teethers are usually soft textured toys that babies can chew on to help soothe their sore gums as their baby teeth start to cut through their precious gums. We especially suggest the mesh ones that you can put something cold inside of.

7 Soft Books

Reading to your baby is an important task that we think that parents should do every day. However, books can cause paper cuts and might not be all that realistic for a newborn. If you want to buy books that you can read to your newborn that won't potentially hurt them if they grasp it with their strong newborn grip, then we suggest buying them those soft baby books.

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Soft baby books are usually very short, one to two words per page, but are also safe for baby to hold and chew on.

6 Stuffed Animals

When it comes to buying Christmas presents for newborn babies and toddlers alike, you can not go wrong with buying them stuffed animals. Kids love stuffed animals, they tend to be safe gifts for all ages, and there is a wide variety of adorable options when it comes to choosing the perfect one. These can be used to cuddle with, play with, or even just to decorate the nursery with, or save as a keepsake for when the baby gets older if it is an especially special stuffed animal. This is one gift that you just can't go wrong with.

5 Bottles

If the newborn baby that you are Christmas shopping for is being bottle fed then you might want to consider gifting them some additional baby bottles. No one enjoys doing dishes and babies go through so many bottles a day that it can be hard to keep up with having clean ones on hand. This is why having extra bottles around is always a good idea. These could also make a wonderful stocking stuffers, and they can even be bought in multi-packs. With a wide variety of choices available the odds of you buying a bottle that someone else already got the baby are low.

4 White Noise Machine

If the baby that you are Christmas shopping for doesn't already have one, you might want to consider getting them a white noise machine for their nursery as a Christmas present. White noise machines are great for newborn babies. They can help calm the baby down when they wake up fussy, as well as fall asleep easier, and sleep for longer intervals. You could probably say that a white noise machine can be considered a life saver for many parents, making it a must have and the perfect Christmas presents.

3 Christmas Pajamas

Another totally adorable Christmas present that is perfect for any newborn baby and you really can't go wrong with would of course by Christmas pajamas. There are so many adorable options out there for babies when it comes to holiday themed pajamas that it can be fun to shop for. Of course this is something that they will probably only use during the holiday season, but that doesn't make it any less of a cool present to give. It could also create an adorable photo opportunity for the newborn baby to wear these pajamas while being held by Santa.

2 Tummy Time Toy

Before your newborn baby leaves the hospital the doctors will advise you that your baby should have about an hour of tummy time a day at the very least. This is where you place your baby on his or her stomach on the floor. Of course, just laying on the floor on your stomach can seem boring, which is why they make toys especially for this.

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Consider purchasing a tummy time toy mat for your newborn this holiday season. They are usually equipped with rattles and fun stuffed animals that make tummy time a blast.

1 Night Light Projector

As a baby lying awake in a dark room alone might seem a little scary and could possibly even keep them up at night. This is why getting them a night light projector might be a fantastic gift idea. You can find these at any store in the baby department, they usually have relaxing colors that light up the ceiling or pictures of fish and other animals that scroll along the walls. Watching these fascinating colors and animals can be soothing for babies, making it easier to go to sleep, and a little less scary.

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