The Best Christmas-Themed Names For December Babies

Marie Claire has released their favourite Christmas-themed baby names for little ones coming this holiday season. December babies are special ones, and it’s only right that they get unique names as well. They might hate how their birthdays and the holidays line up when they’re older, but they will learn to appreciate the meaning behind their names later on.

Most people love Christmas. It’s a time of generosity, family love, and all-around warm, happy feelings. Especially for those who can’t wait to decorate, Christmas is the time so many people get excited about. What better way to solidify your love for the holiday season than to give your child a beautiful name inspired by this time of family love.

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The list gives many options for gorgeous names inspired by the holiday season. The top two choices for girls are “Ivy” and “Holly”—both beautiful plants that come about during Christmas. Other aspects of Christmas are also amazing names for girls like “Angel” and “Star.” Among the list are classic, winter-sounding names like “Charlotte” and “Robyn,” and they’re still Christmas-y despite not having explicit connections to the holiday season. Finally, of course the name “Elsa” is a classic for any winter baby.

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The top of the boys’ list contains either biblical or classic names that one associates with Christmas characters. The top three are “Arthur,” “Harry,” and “Joseph.” Angel-inspired names like “Gabriel” also made the list. Included in the roster is “Noelle,”: an actual direct connection with Christmas and the holiday season.

No matter what you choose to name your Christmas baby, it’s indisputable that they’re probably the best gift you could receive during the holidays. Finally, your little one is here, and the life of giving everything to them has begun. The start is always key, so choosing a beautiful name is one of the best first gifts you can give your child. They will forever be known by it, and they will shape what the name means as they grow older. With much guidance and love, they can grow up to reflect the warmth and kindness that they were named after: Christmas time.

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