Classic Baby Names: 5 That Are Falling Out Of Favor (& 5 That Are Timeless)

It's time to pick out a baby name, and while following trends is one way to go, there's nothing wrong with thinking about the classics. After all, classic baby names have been chosen for decades, and it's hard to argue with that kind of timeless feeling.

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Maybe you're drawn to traditional names or your partner doesn't want a name that sounds cute today but won't sound that great in a few years. Whatever your reasoning for wanting a classic baby name, it's definitely a good way to go. Of course, just because a baby name is classic but not used that much now doesn't mean that you can't pick it out, but it's interesting to know how people feel about certain names.

Here are five classic baby names that are falling out of favor, along with five that are totally timeless.

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10 Falling Out Of Favor: Diane

Diane is a classic name and there are many classy and beloved actresses with this moniker as well, from Diane Keaton to Diane Lane. It's a name that you still hear every once in a while, but it doesn't really seem like a name that many new parents are putting on their baby name lists.

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The Huffington Post notes that Diane was on a list of the most popular 1000 baby names and, according to the website, "But by 2005, Diane was no longer on the list, and in 2017, only 84 baby girls were named Diane."

9 Timeless: Evan

Evan is a baby boy name that is classic and timeless. When you hear that someone has been given this name, you always think that it's lovely.

According to The Bump, "No matter its origins, Evan is here to stay. According to Social Security Administration data, Evan first made the list of top 100 boys’ names in 1983. Right now, it’s slightly more popular for boys than it is for girls."

8 Falling Out Of Favor: Edith

Talk about an old-fashioned name, right? Could you get any more historical than Edith?

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According to The List, "A hundred years ago, Edith was a massively popular name, but now one which is considered to be a little on the old fashioned side." Edith is another baby girl name that is falling out of favor. Sure, if you love classic baby names and still want to choose it, then go for it... but just know that it's not that popular anymore.

7 Timeless: Matthew/Matt

When new parents find out that they're expecting a baby boy, chances are that many of them are going to think that Matthew is the perfect name. They'll think of this name and basically, stop their search immediately.

Yes, Matthew is a name that is used a ton, but you can call your kid Matt for short, and that is a name that just always sounds cool. Matthew is definitely timeless.

6 Falling Out Of Favor: Angela

Do you think that the name Angela is a total classic or way too traditional?

If you feel that it should be left in the past, then it probably makes sense to you that this is another baby name that is falling out of favor. As Livingly explains, "Angela may have been a top 10 name from 1965-1979, but it has since dropped in popularity. Currently, it seems that parents prefer the variations of Angelina and Angelica."

5 Timeless: Jordan

Looking for a classic baby boy name that feels timeless? Jordan is a good pick. While you do meet Jordans from time to time, you don't meet so many that you feel like you couldn't possibly choose this baby name.

As The Bump says, "The name received a huge boost in popularity from basketball great Michael Jordan. It is truly a unisex name, although it’s used more for boys than girls." The website puts it at number 81.

4 Falling Out Of Favor: Nadine

When you think about baby girl names that begin with the letter "N" it's easy to immediately think about Natalie. That's a classic name that feels like it will always be on baby name lists.

But what about Nadine? According to Livingly, "French-name Nadine was popular in the 1920s and 30s, and has since been replaced by Nadia and Natasha." Nadine just isn't a baby name that is picked often these days, so it's definitely a classic name that is falling out of favor.

3 Timeless: Katherine

Katherine is a classic baby name that is definitely timeless. You can also get two names in one because you can call your daughter "Katie" for short.

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It seems like parents are still picking out Katherine for their baby girls given the number of people who go by Katie. It's never going to be a name that is left in the past, and it's always going to sound beautiful. It's one of those names that sounds historical but doesn't sound so terribly old-fashioned that you would never consider it.

2 Falling Out Of Favor: Celia

Celia is another baby name that doesn't seem like it gets chosen very much anymore. It has a nice ring to it but perhaps it just doesn't appeal to a lot of people. Of course, that could be the very reason why you're thinking that it would be perfect for your baby girl.

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According to The List, "Celia was popular in the Elizabethan era and stayed popular in England and the USA until the early 1900s when it started to decline. So nowadays you may not find that many Celias about — especially in the USA where it is much less popular than it is in Europe."

1 Timeless: Sarah

What classic name is more timeless than Sarah? Even though this is an incredibly popular name and you know a lot of people named Sarah (and you can guess that your child will be one of many), many people are still really drawn to this particular moniker.

Nameberry puts Sarah at number 67 in terms of how trendy it is, which seems pretty good considering how many baby names there are to choose from. Parents-to-be are always going to want to pick out Sarah.

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