10 Classic Baby Names That Will Always Be In Style

Selecting the perfect baby name can be daunting. There are so many options available that parents could get overwhelmed. Yet, the task can be made simple by settling on a timeless name. Don’t worry about what is trendy at the moment. Many of those zany names will come and go.

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By choosing a classic name, your child will have a solid foundation to grow on. From vintage names that have proven they’re not going anywhere to enduring names that have stayed relevant over time, these monikers stand shoulders above the rest. Please enjoy this list of 10 classic baby names that will always be in style.

10 Amelia

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It doesn’t get much more classic than the name Amelia. This sweet-sounding moniker has held steady in the charts for generations but saw a surge in popularity in 2017. It’s old-fashioned without being too stuffy. We think that it’s destined to outlast current trends. Although, it’s often landed on several popular baby name lists.

Amelia is a German name that means work. A little girl named given this moniker will have a spirit of adventure thanks to her namesake, the female pilot, Amelia Earhart. Feminine, cute, and demure, Amelia might just be the perfect name for your daughter.

9 Mason

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Parents who are looking for a timeless name for their son should look no further than the name Mason. This one ranked #9 on Nameberry’s popularity list in 2018 and has been holding steady on the charts ever since. We predict that it will be a solid option for years to come.

Mason is an English name that means worker in stone. Of course, Kourtney Kardashian of Keeping Up with the Kardashians fame, put this one on the map when she chose it for her first son. It saw a spike on the charts when he was born in 2009.

8 Olivia

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Olivia is one of those names that will always be popular. It has global appeal as it’s been included on popular baby name lists all over the world, including landing #2 on Nameberry’s popularity list in 2018. That’s quite a pedigree and we think it’s poised to stay in the spotlight.

It’s a Latin name that means olive tree. This one has some literary appeal as it is the name of the main character in the children’s book series Olivia, which is about a spunky little pig. This one is well-suited for an adorable girl that will have everyone wrapped around her little finger.

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7 David

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If you’re hoping to give your son a Biblical name that can stand the test of time then you should consider the name David. You might remember this one as the name of the Old Testament boy who defeated the giant Goliath. He later became the second king of Israel.

That’s quite an inspiration to draw from. David is a Hebrew name that means beloved. A cute nickname for this one is the more casual version, Dave. Your son will be a natural-born leader with a name as masculine and strong as this one. You’d be wise to claim it.

6 Chloe

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Chloe is an enduring classic that will always be in style. This fresh name has bounced around on the charts over the years but always manages to stay relevant. It’s one of those monikers that might not be the most trendy right now but is just too beautiful to pass up.

It’s a Greek name that means a young green shoot. An alternative spelling is Khloe, which we all recognize as the name of the reality star from the series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Charming, peppy, and bright, Chloe could be the best option for your little girl.

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5 Henry

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Henry is a popular name with the hipster set and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. This “old man cool” moniker has been totally dominating the charts lately. Not only that but it’s been used by the Royal family for generations. Why not pick a name for your son that is suited for a king?

It’s a German name that means state ruler. It’s hard to overlook a moniker with such a powerful meaning. A few fun nicknames for this one would be Hank or Harry. Either way, it’s a sturdy option that somehow manages to sound approachable and friendly.

4 Elizabeth

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While we’re on the subject of royalty, we should talk about the name Elizabeth. Two of England’s queens have been named Elizabeth so it’s a noble option that’s been around for quite some time. This proper-sounding moniker has a wide appeal that manages to keep it current.

Elizabeth is a Hebrew name that means pledged to God. We love that it has such a spiritual meaning. If it seems a bit too formal for you then a few popular nicknames are Liz, Beth, and Liza. It’s also commonly used as a middle name so the options are endless.

3 Liam

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Liam is the #1 name on many lists for 2018. It’s a diminutive of the much more formal moniker William and one that we think will lead the charge for quite some time. It just seems like this version is so much more approachable and fun.

It’s an Irish name that means resolute protection. If you’re looking for a name with a strong meaning then Liam would be an amazing option. The popular Irish actor, Liam Neeson, played a huge role in giving this name a boost on the charts. It seems like the sky's the limit for this one.

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2 Naomi

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It’s not easy to come up with a list of baby names for your little one. Especially if you’re hoping to settle on a moniker that will always be fashionable. Naomi is a beautiful name that has proven to have some serious staying power. It’s traditional without being overused.

Naomi is a Hebrew name that means pleasantness. Religious parents will love this one as it’s an Old Testament moniker. It has a vintage feel to it that we just love, which is very on-trend these days. Soft, pleasant, and sweet, Naomi is one that you should put dibs on.

1  Michael

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Michael is another one of those names that have been dominating the charts for decades. This one held the #1 spot for years and years. Even though it’s slipped a bit in popularity, we predict that it will eventually find it’s way back to the top spot. You can’t go wrong with a name like Michael.

It’s a Hebrew name that means who is like God. Of course, a few simple nickname options for this one include Mike and Mikey. This one feels so pleasant. A little boy named Michael will be a friend to everyone he meets, for sure.

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