10 Classic Literary Character Names That Would Still Be Great For Your Baby Today

If you love to read, you’ve probably thought about naming your baby after one of your favorite heroes or heroines from a favorite book. There are many great characters from literature that have strong and beautiful names worthy of giving to your new baby. Some of the most interesting and classic names that have been popular over the years are also names of popular literary characters. While these names might be a classic, it doesn't mean that they are outdated.

Here are 10 names from classic literature that would make a great name for your new baby.

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Darcy is a great name to consider because it’s both classic as well as gender-neutral. The name has Irish and French origins and is said to mean “dark one.” Of course, the name is the surname of Jane Austen’s well-loved character Mr. Darcy.

This name has been popular lately for girls but it’s also a good boy name if you want to switch things up. If you love Austen and her novels, Darcy is the perfect node to one of the titans of classic literature.


Alice is another name that is classic all around. This name is definitely one that has been used for decades for girls. Plus, it’s the perfect name from classic literature. If you love names that have a sweet, beautiful sound but also call to mind adventure and whimsy, then Alice is perfect for your baby.

Of course, this is the name of the main character from Alice in Wonderland. While it’s a classic name, it doesn’t feel outdated or overused, making it a good choice to consider.


This is another name that comes from one of the most classic and great works of literature by classic female writers. Little Women is a rather feminist story for its time, and Jo, short for Josephine, is definitely an early feminist hero.

If you want to give your daughter a strong name, this is a perfect choice. The name calls to mind someone who has a strong will and a lot of talent making it perfect for you if you want a name that will inspire your daughter.


Charlotte is another quite classic name that has a lot of ties to literature. First of all, it’s a name that has been used in many books over the years. The name is in the main title of the book Charlotte’s Web for example. Also, it’s the first name of Charlotte Bronte who wrote the classic novel, Jane Eyre.

This name is quite elegant, and it’s definitely one that has been used for decades. However, it’s not too popular or overused that you can’t fall in love with it, too. You could also use the male version of the name for a boy and give him the name Charles.

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Ernest is a classic boy’s name that also has many tiles to classic literature. First of all, this is the main character in one of Oscar Wilde’s novels, The Importance of Being Earnest. The name is the English version of the German name Ernst and it means “vigor.”

This is a classic and regal boy’s name that is definitely overused. Also, it’s the first name of another name in classic literature, Ernest Hemmingway, making the name great for parents who love reading and learning.


These two names are probably the main two that come to mind when thinking of classic literature-inspired names for girls. They are both main characters from Jane Austen novels. First, Emma is the main character of the book by the same name.

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And, Elizabeth is the main character in the popular novel Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth is also a rather versatile name as there are many shortened versions and nicknames that can be used such as Liz and Beth.


Sawyer is another name that is great for a girl or a boy. While it’s more classically a boy’s name, it’s also been used as a girl’s name more recently. However, it’s never been in a top one hundred name, so it’s definitely fresh and alternative.

The name is most well-known for being associated with Tom Sawyer who is one of Mark Twain’s most recognized characters. This name is perfect for an adventurous, playful family whether they are having a girl or a boy.


This is another name that is probably at the top of many people's minds when they think about classic literature. First of all, one of the sisters from Pride and Prejudice is named Jane. Also, Jane Austen herself has this classic name.

While it might be associated with simplicity, there is definitely a soft elegance to the name as well as a strength. The name has English origins and means “God is gracious.” If you’re a big fan of Austen and her works, this is the perfect choice to give your baby girl.


Edmund is another name from classic literature that is also featured in more modern novels as well. It’s the name of a character from The Count of Monte Cristo, but it’s probably more well-known these days as being one of the children from the book The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.

The name also has English origins and has a few different meanings such as “prosperity” and “protector.”

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While many of the names on this list come from novels written hundreds of years ago, there are many novels considered classics that aren’t near as old.

Janie is a less traditional literature name that comes from the book Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston. This novel was released in 1937. Janie is a good alternative to the more classic name of Jamie and is not as overused making this name a fresh take.

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