10 Classiest Old Lady Names From The Victorian Era

The Victorian era is remembered for its romantic charm and delicate grace. It's all ribbons, lace, and petticoats. It's impossible not to imagine perfectly primped little girls dressed in layers of velvet and flannel when you think of the time. It was truly a period in history that celebrated the feminine. So much progress has occurred in the years since the turn of the century. With massive advancements in equality, there's never been a better time to be a little girl.

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We have more work to do yet. Why not name the next generation of strong and powerful women to honor where we've come from? These classic names are just as beautiful as ever. Here are 10 of the classiest old lady names from the Victorian era.

10 Josephine

Josephine was once in the top 50 most popular names for little girls in the late 19th century. This sophisticated name is delightfully uncommon yet instantly recognizable as a classic.

Your little one has plenty of nicknames to pick from should she wish to go by something shorter. Joey would be perfect for a sporty little girl. Josie is similar but with a softer edge. There's also the sweet and delicate Sophie.

9 Clementine

This name is by far one of the least commonly used names that were once popular in the victorian era. Meaning "merciful" or "mild," this French baby name is as sweet as it is unusual. Many celebrities have chosen this offbeat name for their own little girls.

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There are several pop culture references to the name as well. We may remember there is a muppet by the same name. Your little girl might just love sharing a name with a puppet and celebrity babies.

8 Luella

Luella combines two lovely names into one. It's a compound of both Louise and Ella. Both names are French and have some bold definitions. Louise means "famed warrior" and Ella means "light like the dawn."

The meanings behind this unique name are enough to make anyone swoon. Your precious baby girl could go by Lulu or Ella if you choose this name. Luella is classy, adorable and irresistibly sweet just like your little girl.

7 Elenora

Elenora is a slightly less formal take on the classic and steadily popular name Eleanor. Lovers of nicknames will approve of this elegant choice. Your baby could go by Ellie, Ella, Nora or even the sophisticated Elle.

The playful "a" on the end gives the name the same peppy energy that all little girls have. Your daughter will grow up knowing she shares her name with some of the most powerful and influential women in history if you choose this name.

6 Victoria

What better baby girl name to represent the Victorian era than Victoria? The name is rooted in Latin and means simply "victory." There was a Roman goddess by the same name as well as a Catholic saint.

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This name evokes images of the elegant British Queen. This old fashioned name remains popular today staying in the top 20 for girls. That's no small task for a name that is instantly recognizable as old fashioned. Your little Vickie is sure to be fit to wear a crown.

5 Ottilie

Ottilie is a precious and offbeat name choice for anyone looking for something oldfashioned but different. It's a feminine diminutive of the German name Otto which means "victorious in battle." You could call your little Ottilie many adorable nicknames like Lottie, Letti or the offbeat Ottie.

This name is a great choice for lovers of literature. There is a lovely poem "To Ottilie" by Robert Louis Stevenson. Franz Kafka also had a sister who bore the name. There is also the feminist journalist Ottilie Assing. If you take your inspiration from the world of writing this old-fashioned name may be right up your alley.

4 Harriet

Harriet is a proud name with many great figures in history that bore it. The ubiquitous Harriet Tubman may be the name's most famous owner in history. This is the feminine version of the French name Henry. It means "keeper of the hearth."

Your little Harriet may indeed be a ruler at home or in the world at large. The very popular and charming Harriet The Spy is a wonderful source of inspiration to chose this name. Readers of the Harry Potter series may love it too. Imagine calling your sweet baby girl "Etti." That adorable nickname makes this choice incredibly tempting.

3 Winnie

Winnie is an absolutely precious little name with a delicious meaning. It means "Peacemaker" or "gentle friend." You can see why A. A. Milne chose it for the name of his infamous Pooh Bear. Jimmy Fallon gave his daughter this diminutive of Winifred. Mr. Nelson Mandela's wife also has this name/

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The powerful Winston Churchill used it as a nickname lending some gravitas to the moniker. This name has all of the charm and elegance of a vintage classic with the playful edge of today's more casual names.

2 Adelia

Adelia is a German name fit for any little princess. It means "noble" or "nobility" and your little girl is sure to live up to it. Music lovers will remember the opera by the same name that debuted in 1841.

Your baby could easily go by Delia or Ada if she prefers a shorter nickname. George Clooney has a sister named Adelia who goes by the very Victorian Ada.

1 Viola

Viola is another perfect choice for musical families. There is, of course, the lovely instrument of the same name. It's Latin in origin and means "violet." Fans of the purple flowers and the color may want to choose this name for their little girls.

The elegant and talented Actress Viola Davis bears this rich and floral name. She's a fine namesake for any young lady. Your little one could go by Vi for a short and refreshing nickname. This classic choice is sure to be well received.

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