Classiest Old Man Names From The Victorian Era

The Victorian era inspired a multitude of formal and serious-sounding names for little boys. It was a time that many children were expected to behave as little men and their names reflected society's great expectations on them.

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While we take a much more gentle and casual approach to raising children now these strong, classic names still hold a lot of charm. After all, one day your little sweet pea will be a big man and he'll have a big name to greet the world with.

10 Asa

Shorter names have made waves recently. This classic Hebrew or Japanese name means "healer", "helper" and "born in the morning". It's perfect for the peaceful little man in your life. Biblically, it was the name of the King of Judah who reigned for 40 years. There is a rich history behind this old fashioned name. The young actor Asa Butterfield has reignited interest in this handsome little name.

9 Thadeus

For families who adore biblical names, this is a wonderful choice. It's an Aramaic name that means "gift of god" or "heart". Thaddeus was one of the original twelve apostles. Pious little men will suit this old fashioned name nicely.

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The name has been used for characters in popular movies and even SpongeBob SquarePants. Your little man could go by Todd or Tad for a sweet little nickname. This name evokes images of a studious and responsible little man. Choosing a middle name that can stand up to Thaddeus is no small feat. Consider other classic names like Forrest, Porter or Grahame.

8 Simeon

This adorable name has a meaning parents will eat up. It means "little listener" or "god is listening". Simon is a Greek version of this Russian or Hebrew name. In the bible Jacob and Leah's son. He passed his name on to one of the 12 tribes of Israel. It does bear a strong resemblance to the word meaning apelike. You'll want to keep that in mind. Thankfully most children young enough to tease your little boy will likely not know the reference.

7 Bertram

This adorable German name means "bright raven". Lovers of the Harry Potter series will recognize the name though it's been out of circulation for quite some time. It's a very formal and dignified name for your handsome little gentleman. Many interpret the name to mean "wise". If your little one possesses wisdom beyond their years consider this name to honor their personality. Bertram was extremely popular in the Victorian era and may be set to make a comeback. The old man nickname Bert is absolutely perfect for a sweet little baby boy.

6 Dorian

This Greek name is the name of an ancient tribe from before the Spartan era. It refers to those "of the Doris district" or "of Doros" the son of Helen of Sparta.

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The word literally means "gift" and your precious little boy is exactly that! Oscar Wilde brought the name to popularity with the novel The Picture Of Dorian Gray. Though the character was self-obsessed and vain the name remained a popular for choice for boys well into the 1960s. If you're inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean and the depth of Greek history this might be the perfect name for your little one.

5 Gerard

Gerard is a classic little boy's name of English origin that means "hard spear". It's a bold and strong name for your little gentleman. It has a soft and elegant sound for a name with such a manly ring to it. It recently rocketed into the top 50 baby boy names in Catalonia. The name is coming back to popularity for the first time since the 1950s. The name evokes images of bravery, heroism, and leadership. Your little man can go by Jerry for a playful nickname. The protagonist of Gaiapolis was a Gerard. There is also a character by the same name in the sci-fi epic "The Great Book Of Amber"

4 Byron

This poetic name is perfect for dark and brooding little boys. Of course, the famous poet Lord Byron would be a dramatic and artistic namesake. This English boy's name means "barn for cows". If "Don Juan" isn't necessarily your favorite poem, consider the name for its adorable connection to farm communities. If you could easily imagine your little one as a gentleman farmer this could be a perfect name. You could even call your baby boy Ronny for short or take a cue from "Arrested Development" and use the nickname Buster.

3 Jasper

Jasper is of Persian origin and means "bringer of treasure". The laughter and joy your baby boy will bring you are treasures indeed. Jasper is a distinct and classy name for any little boy.

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Lovers of gems will appreciate it for its geological connections as it's the name for a very beautiful type of quartz. The stone was mentioned in the bible in the book of Revelations. The name appears in several literary works for lovers of book-inspired names.

2 Horatio


Horatio is an Italian name with roots that date back to the Roman empire. It's derived from the clan name Horatius and means "timekeeper". It shares the same roots as the name Horace. Your little man could share a name with the dashing Lord Nelson who led the British to victory over the French at Trafalgar. It also belonged to Hamlet's friend in the Shakesperean play. The fictional Captain Horatio Hornblower is also an adorable namesake for a little boy.

1 Ulysses

Ulysses is the Latin variation of the Greek mythological name. It has a strong definition for a sweet baby boy as it means "wrathful". This is certainly a strong name that will command respect as your little man grows up. This name is shared with the title of the famous James Joyce novel as well as the 18th president of the United States Ulysses S Grant. The name may be a little heavy for a tiny baby but he's sure to grow into it and make his namesakes proud.

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