Classmates Donate Toys To Little Boy Who Lost Everything In House Fire

Daniel Hunt lost his home in a fire, so his classmates came together to give him the toys he lost and more. The sweet gesture brought everyone in the room to tears, and it certainly touched the hearts of the millions of internet users around the world who saw footage of the heartwarming moment. The class made Hunt feel loved in a difficult time in his life.

Two weeks ago, Hunt and his family lost all of their belongings. The fire engulfed their home, and almost everything they owned was reduced to ash. The whole experience must have been traumatic for a young boy to go through. No elementary school kid should have to struggle with the trauma of seeing everything they own go up in flames.

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Last week, one of our Warriors, Daniel Hunt, lost all of this belongings in a house fire. His 3rd grade teachers and...

Posted by Philadelphia Elementary School on Friday, September 27, 2019

Kelly Jones, a counsellor at the school, said that the community was trying to find ways to help the family after they learned about the fire. The kids of Hunt’s class at the Philadelphia Elementary School organized a secret toy drive to replace some of the things that he lost in the fire. The students excitedly chose toys to give to Hunt, and they ended up pooling together enough toys to cover half the desks in the classroom!

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The kids welcomed Hunt to class, and he was immediately surprised to see a room full of toys just for him. His entire class gave him a big group hug, and all the teachers were brought to tears. They told local media outlets reporting on the gesture that they feel blessed because they were able to witness such pure love from generous children. The sweet moment was captured and shared on the school’s Facebook page, and people online are in awe of the children’s thoughtfulness.

Hunt went home that day and told his grandma that he was happy crying because of his classmates’ gesture. While him and his family still have a lot of challenges to overcome, they can rest easier knowing that there are people in the community willing to help them no questions asked. Now, their new home can be filled with toys for Hunt and his friends to play with.

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