Whether Tidying Up After Your Kids Makes You A Bad Parent

Cleaning up after your kids rather than teaching them to tidy up after themselves doesn't necessarily make you a bad parent.

Children will naturally inherit an awful lot from their parents. However, some of those inherited traits will not show through until later in life. Tidiness, for example. Your baby isn't going to instinctively chip in with the chores as soon as they're able to walk. Quite the opposite, in fact. If you pride yourself on keeping a tidy house, introducing a toddler into the mix will likely drive you up the wall.

After an intense day of playing, chances are your living room is going to look as if a tornado has passed through it. Trouble is, your little one won't realize why that is necessarily a bad thing. That's when a parent needs to make a tough decision. Do you try to hammer home that they need to clean up all that mess themselves, or do you forgo the trouble and just do it yourself?

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A recent report by CNN has broken down whether cleaning up after your child makes you a bad parent. As pointed out very early on, that is an extremely big leap to make. All too often parents put too much pressure on themselves to be everything in their child's life. Truth be told, they should and will be learning valuable life lessons elsewhere. For starters, they will definitely be taught to clean up after themselves at school.

Now, that doesn't mean you have to go to the opposite end of the spectrum. If being responsible for their mess is an entirely foreign concept then when they are asked to do it at school it might make for a pretty awkward situation. Starting small is a good way to go about things. Have them help you tidy rather than demanding they tackle the entire mess by themselves.

It may seem like something of a cop-out suggestion, but the key really is to find a middle ground. Running around behind your kid like you're their butler is a bad idea, but so is sternly ordering them to clean up a mess that is probably too much for them to handle. Tag team the situation and you might be surprised at how quickly they begin to take more of the responsibility without you even having to ask.


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