10 Clothing Items To Put On The Baby Registry

Making a baby registry is an exciting—yet sort of stressful—task. What all does this baby need? What do I want to add? Will we really use these? How many of these should we get?

Well, some of these questions are going to be answered here! While there are many items to consider when preparing for bringing a baby into the world, do not forget about clothes. Newborns need pajamas, shirts, pants, jackets, and accessories, just like their parents.

Therefore, when making a wish list for this future child, be sure to turn to these 10 items. These clothes will help make them look both stylish and feel comfy!

10. Cozy Pajamas

An important item that a new baby will need is a pair of pajamas. Babies do a lot of sleeping, so a gift registry should include a couple of PJ sets. One-pieces are easier to put on, and soft materials are a must. Plus, this gives the whole family an excuse to buy matching pajamas! Take a bunch of cute, and possibly embarrassing, pictures and post them online! Target has some great ones, including holiday-themed options for families! Most importantly, though, make sure a baby has some go-to pajamas after entering the world.

9. Pack Of Onesies

Possibly the most important item on this list is a pack of onesies. Parents are going to be changing a baby’s clothes pretty often since milk and food spills will happen a lot. This change of clothes needs to be something simple, durable, and easy to put on and take off. Unless, of course, the family is going out — then, the baby can get dressed up in something cuter! For the most part, though, a lot of onesies will be worn, so ask for something like the Gerber Baby 15-Pack from Amazon to get a good deal on a needed item.

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8. Long-Sleeve Onesie

Long-sleeved onesies are also super appreciated as a parent. In the cooler months, these are great for lounging. A pair of pants and a jacket can be added to makes this a cuter look for an outing. This one, which is from a shop called Fin and Vince, is a little more interesting than just a basic white one; it's ribbed and comes in a terra-cotta color. Of course, there are also options with sayings. details, and prints as well. The list goes on and on, of course, so just make sure to go with one that will work for lots of different occasions in a baby's life.

7. Soft Socks

Babies do not need shoes until they start walking, so socks are the way to go. Of course, many parents still put shoes on their newborns when they dress them up since it completes the outfit, however, when it comes to the baby registry, we suggest asking for something like this pack of 10 white socks from Wal-Mart. They are simple and functional and will keep a baby’s tiny little toes warm and protected. 

6. Cozy Hats

Another part of a baby that needs to be protected is the head. Therefore, a hat or two can be added to the wish list. A floppy hat would keep the sun from burning down on your little one's face during the summer, and a knit cap would keep the chill away during the winter. Plus, there are so many cute options out there! Some have big bows on them for little girls, others can don a team logo for a future quarterback. This one, in particular, is from Etsy, printed with the baby’s name. How adorable!

5. Warm Jackets

Speaking of cold weather, don’t forget to add a jacket! Obviously, if this baby is being born somewhere super cold, lots of layers and coats will be needed. At the very least, though, add a jacket like this one to the registry; it's made from a wind-and-water resistant material that helps keep kids cozy, warm, and dry. Plus, these jackets help keep them looking stylish, too! So whether it's a sporty windbreaker, a thick trench, or an edgy leather jacket, just remember to opt for one with an opening in the front. It'll make it easier to put off and on of the baby.

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4. Fancy Clothes

A lot of a newborn baby’s life will consist of eating and sleeping at home. However, there will still be social events to attend, and that child needs to be shown off to everyone! Therefore, a fancy outfit is needed. I love the idea of ruffles and bows and tulle and fluff for little babes. I can just imagine a baby boy in a tiny pair of pants with a little button-down shirt wearing a bow tie! The final decision is up to the parents, of course. And while babies are constantly growing, having a fancy outfit or two is nice to have for an upcoming occasion. 

3. Classic Pair Of Pants

When a parent takes the baby out of the house (changing out of that simple onesie) for a casual activity, he or she can turn to pants and a shirt, just like us! There are stretchy knit pants that can go over a one-piece suit, or there are stylish jeans that will have a kid looking cooler than all of us. Obviously, different settings call for different clothing items but make sure at least one pair of pants makes it onto this baby registry.

2. T-Shirts Galore

While we're talking about buying a few pairs of pants, make sure you have enough t-shirts to go along with them! Some may say a t-shirt is a t-shirt, but this option pictured is 100 percent cotton, printed with eco-friendly, water-based ink. It may not be right for everyone, but it is cute. Just go for something that brings some personality and makes a newborn comfortable.

Hint: Ask for more than one tee, too, due to all of those changes we previously mentioned that will be taking place.

1. Swaddle

Last but not least, a swaddle should be added to the gift registry. While this may be considered a blanket rather than a clothing item, it is something the newborn will wear often — so ask for it!

Babies love to feel secure, so this technique is important for them. Plus, stores like Buy Buy Baby offer precious ones like the option that is pictured, funky ones in prints, and packs of them to get more for a lower price. And after adding all 10 of these items to the wish list, parents will be good to go until that baby arrives!

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