Coco Austin Criticized For Breastfeeding Her 3-Year-Old Daughter

While there certainly is a lot that can be said about a celebrity and television personality like Coco Austin, if there’s one thing that her fans can agree on it’s that she’s certainly a very dedicated mother. In fact, she’s such a committed mother that she has decided to carry on breastfeeding her nearly 4-year-old daughter, Chanel. Unfortunately, a lot of Coco’s social media followers and Internet trolls had something to say about it after she posted a photo of her feeding her daughter on her Instagram account.

According to Us Weekly, Coco has made it pretty clear that she’s is a proud mother that loves the bond she gets to share with her daughter Chanel whenever they are breastfeeding. In fact, she managed to dismiss her critics by explaining that only those who have a child in their lives will understand why she continues to nurse her child. Many health and pediatric professionals and doctors recommend that a mother breastfeeds their baby at least up until they are six months of age.

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Coco says that her decision to breastfeed is not about feeding her daughter, but also about the love and bond that she has for Chanel. She also said, “It’s also giving them good nutrition. Breast milk is like liquid gold. All around, it’s a good thing.”

Coco’s husband, actor and rapper Ice-T also defended the 40-year-old in the same interview. He said that while his wife is doing a fantastic job of nursing their child, little Chanel also eats everything else that you would expect from a growing little girl. He said, “What I think confuses people is they saw the picture and they think Chanel doesn’t eat food. And she eats cheeseburgers. She only breast-feeds … like, when she cries [and] she just wants to get close to her mama. She throws the boob out and … holds on. She’s not doing it for nourishment. This chick eats chili fries, OK?”

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With that said, Coco also explained that she’s not interested in hearing other people’s unsolicited advice, and especially not from her critics on social media. Being the confidant woman and mother that she is, the model mom said that she simply doesn’t pay attention to what her ‘haters’ say and prefers to give her ‘lovers’ her attention instead.

Now, as far as how long Coco will continue to breastfeed her daughter, she did not say.

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