Coco Rocha Has The Most Gorgeous Maternity Photo Ever

Coco Rocha has released the first maternity photo featuring herself and her new baby Iver Eames-- and it is stunning.

Iver, born on April 20, 2018, looks right at home with his mother. Coco also posted a before photo, donned in a hospital gown,  cradling her baby bump in her hospital room.

Rocha welcomed her son to the world via Instagram, with the caption: "My baby boy, Iver Eames Conran. 7 lbs of pure wonder." Rocha looks poised and glowing, cuddling her baby in their hospital bed.

Via Instagram

Fans were quick to comment on Rocha's impressive post-pregnancy state, remarking on her photo, "Omg u just slayed giving birth I adore you!!! how to be you??? ❤❤❤" and "How do you look that gorgeous and fresh after giving birth!! I looked like a beast!"

Rocha and husband James Conran are not new to parenthood-- they also share a 3-year-old daughter, Ioni James.

The famous model has already started an Instagram account for Iver Eames and clearly fans are intrigued-- he already has over 8,000 followers. His older sister, Ioni, has a large Instagram fan base, as well. Her account boasts over 72k followers.

Ioni is literally walking in her mother's footsteps-- she made her modeling debut on the runway in January at Paris Couture Week. The mother-daughter pair stole the show in their matching slate-grey dresses, white heels, and fashion-forward hairdos.

Coco Rocha is one the most famous models of today and has been featured on magazine covers across the globe. She is an author, as well, of a book entitled Study of Pose. 

Coco has garnered new fans since she became a mother by her blunt and honest commentary on motherhood. In a 2015 interview she was asked for details on her post-baby workout routine. Coco replied, "Since having a baby, I wouldn't say I've been working out much — having a baby is a complete workout. I have the strongest arms since my daughter is now 20 pounds, and she can’t walk. So I am carrying her around everywhere. For the moms out there that can’t find time to go to the gym, there are so many cool blogs and YouTube channels where there are great tips for working out with your baby."

Congratulations on the new bundle of joy, Coco.


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