'Coke Bottle Baby' Has Adorable Graduation Ceremony As He Leaves The Hospital

The little baby boy who was born smaller than a Coke bottle was finally able to leave the NICU. The baby was finally strong and big enough to graduate from the hospital and go home with his loving family.

Cullen Potter was born on March 14th, 2018, at only 22 weeks. For those of you who don't know, a full-term baby will be delivered around 40 weeks. Baby Cullen was premature and weighed only 14 ounces. His father, Robert Potter, said, "that is barely bigger than a coke." That is when Cullen was nicknamed the "Coke Bottle Baby." Cullen was given a 2% chance of survival, but his parents refused to give up hope for their little baby.

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Cullen's mother, Molli Potter, had many difficulties during her pregnancy with Cullen. She was in and out of the doctor's office constantly. She even spent three weeks in the hospital before Cullen was born and there was nothing that the hospital could do to help him grow. But, against all odds, Cullen is now home with his family.

Most hospitals do not let babies leave the hospital until they are at least five pounds. Most car seats won't even allow babies to go in them until the baby reaches that weight. Little Cullen had a lot of growing to do before he was able to be released. Cullen was finally released on August 21st, 2018, after five months in the hospital. The nurses that took such great care of Cullen, and got him up to a healthy weight, wanted to help him graduate from the hospital. One of the nurses grabbed him and walked him down the hallway so that all of the other nurses could see the little guy graduate. Little Cullen even wore a cap and gown that Mollie bought from Build-A-Bear. Robert and Molli are over the moon excited to have their son Cullen at home.

Cullen isn't the youngest, or even the smallest baby to survive, but his survival was not expected. The doctors, nurses, and parents did not give up hope and did everything that they could for Cullen. They refused to just roll over. They fought to beat the odds! Thanks to the wonderful hospital staff, Cullen was able to go home and live a healthy life. Congratulations Molli, Robert, and Cullen and we wish you the best on this amazing journey!

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