Collecting Cans And Bottles In Hope Of Adopting A Baby

A couple has started collecting cans and bottles in order to save up money for their expensive adoption. Every Penny Counts!

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Rachel King and her husband are high school sweethearts. They fell in love and shortly after high school they got married. Once they got married they knew that they wanted to start a family. They didn't know that getting pregnant was going to be so difficult. It turned out the couple would not be able to have a child naturally and that they would have to turn to adoption to be able to add a baby to their family. The couple announced to Facebook that they were going to be starting the adopting journey.  King was completley shocked by how many people shared, liked and commented on their announcement to go through adoption. She loved how supportive everybody was being to her and her husband.

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King and her husband started looking into adoption and the company that they found was going to be expensive. They figured out that their adoption was going to cost anywhere from $40,000-$50,000 to be able to adopt their little child. They knew that was going to be a lot of money, but they were going to work to be able to get their child. King started collecting spare change, and then she started collecting cans and bottles to save up enough money for the adoption process.

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The couple started their bottles and cans fundraisers. They started receiving items in the mail! They have only collected about $250 so far, but they are continually getting items in their mailbox and they are so excited. They are hoping to continue to get as much donations as they can possibly get from their friends, family and their supportive church group.

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The Kings are trying to collect all of the bottles and cans to be able to save up for their sweet little baby. They are also trying to find loose change. Although, some people may just see pennies as spare change, pennies mean a lot to the King's. When they are finally able to get their little baby they are going to decorate their child's nursery with a sign that says, "Worth Every Penny."

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