Color Theory For Kids: How Decor Can Influence Your Children

Every color in the rainbow is stunning and serves its purpose. It's funny when I hear people claim that a certain color "doesn't exist in nature", since the color spectrum comes from all the colors found in a prism as it refracts light. So, really - since sunlight is part of nature, all colors are part of nature! You might think I'm getting worked up over something silly, but color can mean a whole heck of a lot for people. In fact, some sports organizations have even ha to regulate colors for visitor locker rooms. Iowa's famous Kinnick Stadium had Pepto-Bismol walls that were infamous for intimidating and demoralizing opponents. If a color on a wall can make you lose a championship game, it's safe to say it can have even deeper impacts.

For kids, colors can influence their attitude and interests. It can even make bedtime more difficult! So choosing the right colors for your kids' rooms is important. Here are a few general color guidelines to help you pick the perfect shade for your little!


Using red as an accent color against a neutral wall is a great way to make a room feel more alive! Via Project Nursery

Red is famous for inciting passion, energy, and enthusiasm. It even sparks hunger - might explain why McDonald's colors are red and yellow! While it's a great color choice for a play space, too much red can cause feelings of aggression and even rage. Quite the literal take on "seeing red"! All that energy and excitement can make it a little difficult to create a calm environment for those times when your little one needs to wind down.


Orange is the color of curiosity, zest, and energy. It enlivens rooms and makes people feel refreshed and charged up for a great time. It's often misunderstood, but orange energy can encourage independence and extroversion. Personally, I chose an orange shade for Rory's room. It feels exciting and adventurous instead of overly delicate!


Don't you just want to smile? Via BabyGaga

Yellow roses are considered the flower of friendship - that's probably because yellow evokes such strong feelings of happiness! Cheery yellows can help you concentrate or even improve your memory. Pretty impressive for a simple shade, huh? Something to note: too much bright yellow can sometimes make people feel aggressive. And, it can make skin look a bit yellowish too - so not the best for any room where one might apply makeup.


Green is universally soothing. It's one of the few colors that you really can't overdose on! In all shades, hues, and tints - green is calming and speaks to revitalization, growth, and prosperity. You've probably noticed how everyone has been all about grays or "greiges" in recent years? Well, a little birdie told me that pale greens are next on the trend radar. Keep an eye out for some cool cucumbers - or celery - or sage!


Blue rooms make people feel calm - the powerful color can even lower blood pressure and decrease heart rates! This rich color isn't just for little boys - besides, color doesn't have a gender! Across the board, people are drawn to various shades of blue. It's an evocative color with loads of mystery and depth - a great shade for a room a kid can grow into!


Isn't that mural just stunning against that gorgeous lilac wall? Via Decor Dev

Traditionally the color of royalty, purple is a unique addition to any decor. Pantone's Color of the Year for 2018 is Ultra Violet. Now, that purple might be a bit too bright for a wall - but designers are drawing inspiration from the shade in other ways. Lilacs, lavenders, and periwinkles have hit all areas in the home in a big way. Purple encourages compassion and sensitivity - so it's a great option for kids who could use a little bit of softening. But for your tender-hearted littles? Purple might be a bit emotionally charged for their bedroom.

A friend of mine works in interior design. She once told me, "There are no bad colors - only unfortunate combinations and applications thereof." As I design rooms for my children, I can't help but agree with her! To further complicate things, I've decided to leverage the emotional impact of color. My daughter's room will have an orange wall - bright and spunky, for a girl with a bit of sass. And my son? His room will be green - because he could use a bit of calming. Couldn't we all?


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