Community Cheering On Premature Baby They Named 'Fighting Finn'

A couple delivered their child at 24 weeks and now they have created a Facebook community to help support them.

Jessica and Christopher Hill were not able to get pregnant naturally. The couple decided to turn to in-vitro fertilization. Jessica and Christopher were not able to even use their own embryos and so they decided to adopt two embryos from a couple that had them leftover. The parents of the embryo even put the Hill's through a screening process to make sure that they would make good parents and that they were going to be the right people to adopt their embryos. Jessica said that they talked to the couple for 8-9 months and they both got to know each other. They video chatted quite a bit before they would approve the adoption. One embryo was implanted into Jessica but it did not survive then the second one was implanted and they got pregnant with a little baby boy.

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The couple was extremely excited, but they did not have the pregnancy that they thought it was going to be. Their son was born at 24 -weeks. They named their son Finn. The little guy is on a respirator and is in an incubator, but he is getting stronger every single day. Jessica goes and visits him and tells him that he is so strong and that he is going to survive. She reaches in and she holds his tiny little fingers and she tells him that everything about him is a miracle and everybody is rooting for him to survive. The little guy even successfully made it through surgery last week that closed a hole in his heart. Finn gets more relaxed when he hears his mom and dad come in. His heart rate slows down. When then nurses come in his heart races because he is afraid he is going to get poked again.

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Jessica and Christopher started a Facebook Page called Fighting Finn and it follows their son's journey through the NICU and through all of his medical improvements. People have started to rally around him and follow him on his journey. The page has brought people together and many people comment on their posts. Christopher says that it is nice to have a community all sending in prayers and positive thoughts for their sweet little child. They can tell their son is so loved by not only them but the community that they have built around them.

The doctors believe that Finn will survive due to all of the progress he has made. He is fighting through and he is already living longer than they had suspected such a young baby to live. Finn's doctor believes that he will most likely have to spend at least three more months in the NICU. Jessica and Christopher believe that their son is going to survive and they are looking forward to the day that they get to take him home and start their lives together. They share that they plan on having more children from the embryos that were donated by Finn's parents.

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