Comprehensive Study Confirms - Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism!

This has been a huge debate in the parenting world. To vaccinate or to not. A big fear with vaccination was that it could cause autism. Science has come back with a clear answer. 

Ina  wide range study, also published in Pediatrics journal by the government Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, researches went back and studied 67 past scientific studies and came to the conclusion about the safety of our kids and vaccination. They came to the conclusion that: "not only that serious reactions to any vaccine are rare, but that there is "strong evidence" the MMR vaccine is not associated" Still, many who are part of the Anti-vaxxx movement will disagree and have since had many of their claims debunked as well as the having the medical licence of the doctor who started it removed. The measles have made a come back in the US, so studies like this are now crucial! 

"Vaccines are some of the safest medical products available," National Vaccine Program office director Bruce Gellin said in a statement. "While serious adverse events can occur, they are rare." And as the study emphasizes, autism is not one of those adverse effects.

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