Conceiving A Baby Boy: Tips & Tricks

This may be a little bit of a sensitive topic for some people, so let’s just get something out of the way right at the start.

We aren’t being sexist, this is for those people who have simply always dreamed of having a baby boy and haven’t managed to make it happen yet. It can be really hard for some people to have kids to begin with; some want boys, some want girls and that’s perfectly fine.

Some people have tried and tried to make a beautiful little baby boy, but they wound upt with 4 girls instead. Not that there’s anything wrong with 4 gorgeous baby girls, but some diversity never hurts either! We might just come out with a part 2 to this piece, How to conceive a baby girl, but until then, here are some simple tips and tricks on how to get a leg up on conceiving a baby boy.

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8  Position – Doggy Style

Humans have come up with a multitude of ways to have sex with each other. Your stimulation and pleasure aren’t the only things that can be affected by the position which you and your partner have sex in. Another thing that it can affect is the sex of the baby that you’re in the process of conceiving. As the heading says, having sex in the doggy-style position is known for increasing the chances of having a baby boy instead of a girl.

The reason that doggy style is one of the best positions if you’re trying to make a baby boy is because of the deeper penetration. To explain this a little bit further, the sperm that creates girls and boys either has an X or Y chromosome. An X chromosome will make a boy, and a Y chromosome will make a girl. The thing here is that just like between fully grown men and women, there are also differences in the male and female sperm.

One of the biggest differences being that the male sperm swims faster, but just like all things, they will lose speed over time, giving the chance for the female sperm to catch up and over take the male sperm. Thus, with deep penetration like with doggy style, the male sperm has a higher chance of reaching the egg first. In the first few moments after ejaculation the male sperm will swim to its destination at a higher speed than the female counterpart, which ultimately increases the chances of it being a boy!

7  Position – Standing Up

This little tip to help you conceive your own little baby boy is pretty closely related to the first one, and it has to do with the position that you are in when the man orgasms. This time the position is not doggy style, but instead standing up. Now, I know that standing up may not be the most romantic way to have sex, or even the best feeling either. Sure, the movies make it look good and sexy, but most people seem to prefer the good old fashion method of actually being on a bed.

Something that standing up during sex will contribute to is increasing your chances of having a baby boy, and if that’s what you’re going for, then this position may be worth a try. Like we mentioned before, male sperm tends to swim faster than female sperm, this fact mixed in with the fact of gravity while standing up will greatly increase the chances of having a baby boy. 

This is because the gravity will cause the female sperm to slow down at a far higher rate than the male sperm; gravity will have less of an effect on the male sperm due to their initial quick speed than it will on female sperm that get slowed down much more. Having sex standing up as opposed to laying down means that the male sperm has a far higher chance of reaching the egg compared to the female sperm.

6  A Woman & Her Orgasm

“The Elusive Female Orgasm,” as once put by the great comedian Jerry Seinfeld, is not only a beautiful thing to feel and to witness, but it also has some benefits to helping you conceive a baby boy. Now, of course the female orgasm isn’t all that elusive as Seinfeld put it, especially if a man knows what he is doing, and moreover when a man knows what his partner wants.

You may be thinking, cool, an orgasm is great, but how will that help me produce the baby boy I want so bad? Well, not only does it feel good, but it actually directly contributes in creating a boy as opposed to a girl. The key is that the female has to orgasm before the man does, and here’s why.

When a woman orgasms there’s a small amount of liquid released into the vagina, and among other things, this secretion contains alkaline. This is important because the male sperm is usually weaker and less resilient than female sperm. The alkaline present is kind of like an antidote towards poison, or even like steroids for the male sperm. 

Something in the alkaline containing secretion allows the male sperm to survive for longer and become stronger than the female counterpart, which of course means that the chances of a male sperm reaching the egg becomes higher than the female sperm’s chances.

5  The Man’s Choice of Underwear

This is one of those tricks to assist in conceiving a baby boy that solely rests on the man, and it has to do with the type of underwear being worn. Many people may think that these underwear facts are nothing more than myths or old wives’ tales created by men who think that briefs or so called, “Tightey-Whitey’s” just don’t look good. 

But the fact of the matter is that the type of underwear a man wears can greatly affect whether the end result is a boy, a girl, or if there’s any end result at all. The reason that the type of underwear is so important is because a man’s testicles need a pretty specific temperature range to produce sperm and to produce it efficiently. The hotter a man is down there, the less sperm gets created. 

So, tight underwear like briefs means having a warmer nether region and will lower your chances of conceiving all together. Furthermore, female sperm is shown to be more resilient towards the heat. Thus, if a man is always too hot down there then it makes it so that more female sperm get produced and survive than male sperm.

If you want to increase your chances of having a baby boy then it’s best for your man to wear boxers or at least boxer briefs as this will keep them nice and cool down there. Ultimately this means that with boxers there is a greater population of male sperm present in the testicles than if he were wearing briefs.

4  Eat a Boy Conducive Diet

One tip that you should definitely follow if you’re trying to make a little baby boy is to eat a diet that can help you conceive a little boy. Let’s explain a little more, we’ve mentioned more than once that the male sperm cell is slightly weaker than the female sperm cell. 

This means that it doesn’t do well in an acidic environment, not nearly as well as the female sperm anyway. Just as mentioned earlier how it’s good to orgasm and release that alkaline to counter the acidity, it’s also good to eat properly.

Eating right can reduce the acidity levels in your body and in your vagina and that means that male sperm cells have a higher chance of surviving. The things that you should eat more of to reduce acidity include red meats, fish, pasta, fresh fruits (not citrus obviously), and other white flowering vegetables. 

Things that you shouldn’t eat include most dairy products, also no chocolate and no shellfish either. The other things that you should avoid are whole grains and things like whole wheat bread.

3  A Female’s Ovulation Cycle

The next great trick to help any couple trying to conceive a boy would be to always keep track of your ovulation cycle, know when it starts and when it ends. During ovulation is obviously by far the best time to get pregnant as that is when the chances of actually conceiving are the highest. Timing really is everything here, because ovulation will affect when you can conceive and it will also affect what you conceive.

Like we stated before, the male sperm is generally weaker and less resistant to things than the female sperm. This means that if the sperm stays in the vagina for multiple days, the male sperm will die off at a higher rate than the female sperm. Therefore, if you have sex before ovulation the chances of conceiving a girl are actually higher than the chances of conceiving a boy. This is because the female sperm will survive for longer than the male sperm and thus have a higher chance of fertilizing an egg.

A good way to get around this is to have sex on the very first day of ovulation as well as the following days too. Having too much sex before ovulation will likely result in you conceiving a girl, while having sex during ovulation will increase the chances of it being a boy.

2  Hold Off on Sex Until His Tank is Full

One of the prerequisites for conceiving a child of either gender is of course that a man has to have sperm; moreover a high sperm count is needed to really assure that conception is possible. As has already come up in this article, just like with everyday life, the male sperm is far weaker than the female sperm.

If a man has a low sperm count at the time of ejaculation, then the stronger female sperm cells have a far higher chance of making it to the egg and fertilizing it than the male sperms.

If your man has a higher sperm count, then the chances are a lot higher that one of the less resilient male sperm cells will make it to the egg than a female sperm cell. The lower the sperm count is, the less male sperm cells there are, and due to their low strength, this will greatly decrease the chances of having a baby boy. Think of it this way, there needs to be about 25% more male sperm cell present in order for the chances of conceiving a boy or girl to be the same. 

1  Cough Syrup & Coffee

Ok, we aren’t just making this up as we go along and this may sound a little whacky, but just hear us out for a minute. First things first, the coffee isn’t for you, it’s for your man. The reason a man might want to drink a cup of coffee before trying to have a baby with you is because for many men, the caffeine gives them a little more stamina. And with a little more stamina comes a bigger bang.

That’s important, because that means far more of the little guys, and by that we mean more male sperm cells, will come out. Remember, you want as much as possible to increase the chances of the males surviving.

Now, the cough syrup is for the ladies. No, it’s not to get a nice little buzz so you can enjoy yourself a little more! It’s actually because many over the counter cough syrups contain an ingredient called guaifensin. This ingredient will thin the mucus membranes along the cervical walls, making it far easier for the faster swimming male sperm cells to make it to their destination.

Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t saying that you should drink cough syrup by the glassful before intercourse, but a little spoon or two before trying to make a little baby boy isn’t going to hurt.

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