Conjoined Twins Separated And Mom Says They Have A 'Bright Future'

Twins who were conjoined and then separated have a bright future!


Abby and Erin Delaney were born on July 24, 2016. They were a unique set of twins since they were conjoined at the head. Their parents, Heather and Riley Delaney, knew right when they were born that they wanted to separate their children, so their girls would be able to have a "normal" and healthy life as two individual people. The couple began working with medical professionals to help work them through the process of the procedure.

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Abby and Erin were able to go through an 11-hour procedure at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia when they were only 10 months old. The children became the youngest Siamese twins to ever go through that type of  surgery. The surgery was definitely risky, because it was messy with the girl's brains. The biggest concern was that the girls shared a superior sagittal sinus — the large blood vessel that carries the majority of the blood from the brain. Heather and Riley were told that a lot of twins that were connected this way died, so they were all very lucky.


Heather and Riley said that even with the risk they didn't really hesitate with the procedure. They knew that their daughter's wouldn't have much of a life having to just lay around all the time. They would have to wear special clothes and they would never able to have a normal life being connected at the head.  Riley said it was a necessary risk to take for his daughters. The girls spent two months in the NICU after the surgery and then another two months in a rehabilitation center. Then the girls were able to go home.

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Abby said that the twins have a "bright future" but they certainly aren't out of the woods yet. The girls have to work twice as hard as other children their age, because of the type of surgery that they went through and because of how long they spent conjoined. The girls have to go to a center to help them with their motor, eating, and speech skills. The girls are both delayed, but Abby is much slower to develop on many things. The girls are two years old and Abby has yet to be able to crawl, but they know she will get there soon. Abby shares that although her twins were conjoined for 10 months, they are completely different. Both of these girls are so unique and individuals. Riley and Heather are so grateful that they made the choice to separate them and the girls will be able to live individual lives as normal as possible.

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