Conjoined Twins With Separate Brains - Beating Medical Odds!

Hope and Faith were born on May 8th during a miraculous birth. Doctors had suggested their mother, Renee Young, to terminate her pregnancy but she decided against it. The twins were born conjoined, sharing a body but with two faces and having each a brain. 

The girls were born with a very rare condition called diprosopus, which means they share the same body and vital organs but have their own faces and brains which are connected by only one brain stem. The doctors are saying that they have a high chance of making it through should they survive the next few weeks. This condition is so rare that only 35 cases have ever been reported. 

The girls are currently in stable condition and their parents said that they are prepared for future hardships. They love their girls and think that they are beautiful. The twins have also 7 other siblings who are awaiting to welcome them home!

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