Can You Connect Your Pregnancy Weight Gain To What Gender Your Baby Is?

Weight gain during pregnancy can help determine the gender of the unborn baby!

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The amount of weight a woman gains during pregnancy is a huge point of interest. Most every single woman can tell you how much weight they have gained during their pregnancy thus far and every mom can tell you how much they gained during their pregnancy even if was many years prior! Most women are also extremely interested in how much weight they lost directly after delivering their baby! Weight has always been a fun topic of discussion when it comes to pregnancy. Did you know that there is a pattern in how much weight a woman gains and the gender of her child?

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Studies have shown that 49% of women who have gained 20 pounds during their pregnancy delivered a male baby. So, just under half. However, pregnant women who gained about 40 pounds delivered boys 52.5% of the time. When women gained 60 pounds delivered boys 54% of pregnancies! So, if you are going more than you think you should be gaining then you might be having a male child.


Why would women who gain 40-60 pounds during pregnancy have a higher chance of delivering a male child? What is the reasoning behind this finding? Of course it is hard to find an exact cause for the relationship between weight gain and male babies. However, Kristen J. Navar, the doctor who analyzed the data, suggested that it is quite possible that male embryos and fetuses have higher metabolic rates, and likely need more caloric energy to develop successfully.

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This is certainly a very difficult study to perform on pregnant women. Every pregnancy is so different and every baby is completely different. Who knows if the women in these studies were on their third or first child. Some women who have had multiple children will gain more and more weight depending on how many children they have delivered!

We are always curious to see if these studies are actually true! We would love to know if this theory is accurate for you! Let us know if you this study rings true for you and your pregnancies!

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