Consuming Cannabis Can Contribute To Infertility, According to Experts

For women who regularly smoke cannabis and are looking to get pregnant in the near future, they might want to curb their habit for some time.

That’s because there’s a new study that says THC, which is an active ingredient in marijuana, might be the reason why so many women who regularly smoke are having a hard time getting pregnant.

According to The Spec, THC is an active ingredient in marijuana that acts on the body’s endocannabinoid system, which happens to be the reproductive tissues in both men and women. One health professional is urging both men and women to reassess their smoking habits, as infertility is on the rise among couples who like to use the recreational drug together. As a matter of fact, new studies suggest that smoking cannabis is linked to the changes of ovulation patterns in women and reduced sperm motility in men. This leads to an increase in infertility, especially as many couples are smoking cannabis in countries where the drug has been legalized like in Canada.

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Dr. Sara Ilnitsky, who practices at a fertility clinic in Ontario, Canada highlights the connection between cannabis and infertility in a new study that has been published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. During her research, she found that the drug may delay ovulation or reduce sperm count in mind. Her findings is based on the self-reported use of the drug that has been taken by varying doses by her study’s participants.

Dr. Ilnitsky writes, “Our best evidence will probably come from men and the best way to look at it would be to look at a cohort of men who have been smoking marijuana at a fairly predictable frequency so we know how much they're getting and how often, which is hard to know because there's different concentrations and different strains.”

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With that said, there are other lifestyle factors that make it difficult for couples to conceive, including poor diet choices, alcohol consumption and smoking cigarettes. Couples who are looking to get pregnant are advised to make a few changes in their daily routine in order to maximize their chances of getting pregnant within the first six months of trying. Regular exercise, a balanced diet and cutting out alcohol and smoking are just a few steps that couples can take together while on their journey towards parenthood.

If you still find yourself having trouble conceiving, definitely talk to a trusted medical professional for more help.

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