This Controversial Parenting Expert Trains Toddlers Like Dogs Through Clicker Training & Treats

One woman shares how she helps parents train their children like dogs.

Every parent has a different idea as to how to raise their children. Each parent will discipline, play, teach, and raise their children in a unique way. Some parents spank, others don't believe in time-outs. Many parents believe that they need to hover over their children at all times so that their kid doesn't get hurt while other parents give their children space to help them grow on their own. One new parenting technique is quite controversial and has parents debating about whether it is good, or detrimental to the child's learning.

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A new television show has come out where it follows parents who are training their children like dogs. That is exactly what the show is called, Train Your Baby Like A Dog. The parents are using doggy clickers, harnasses and even giving their children treats to acknowledge their positive behavior. One mother shares how she is training her child much like how she would train her dog to be obedient and how she is helping other parents do the same. The woman says she has been training dogs for many years and so she decided to use the same techniques in order to raise her toddler.


Many people are against this form of parenting. One negative argument about the training is that children might be more likely to be victims of pedophiles. In this "training program," children are rewarded to do what the parents want regardless of whether or not they feel comfortable in the activity. Much like dogs, children are taught to do something like "sit" and the child would get rewarded for doing the activity. Parents are concerned that children trained under this program might do something just because an adult tells them to regardless of whether it is comfortable for them.

In the hour-long episode, Jo-Rosie, the trainer, worked with two children, three-year-old Greydon and Dulcie, 18 months. She puts them through the training alongside her dog who is trained to work with children. She is so involved in dogs that she teaches the parents why their kids are doing what they are doing based on what she knows about dogs. In one part of the episode, she rewards Dulcie with a piece of chocolate for entering and exiting the bath without making a fuss. She then shows the parents how her own son is trained in the program. She firmly says, "Santiano, down!" To which her son sits down alongside the other dogs. As the show opens, she says: “If everybody parented their child the same way we did our dogs, then we would end up with much more confident, compassionate and curious human beings."

People aren't really sold on this technique and are concerned about the validity. Parents are saying that dogs and people should not be treated the same and should certainly not be trained like dogs.

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