The Coolest Unisex Nursery Designs

Whether a couple is not finding out the gender of their baby, whether a male and a female twin are being born, or whether a parent is not wanting a frilly pink or sporty blue nursery, there are many reasons to turn to a unisex design.

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And while design trends come and go, these 10 ideas below can work for any gender and at any time. Some are modern, others have more retro vibes, and they all make us want to go decorate a baby’s room right now. Plus, they have unique elements that will help children feel safe and secure—and stylish and superb, as well!

10 Black & White

A black and white palette is a smart move for either gender. It especially works well when going with a contemporary design. In this particular room, a mid-century modern crib is paired with a star-printed wallpaper. Pops of color could be added in, or everything in the room could be black, gray, white, and cream for a crisp and cool look.

Yes, a baby boy and/or a baby girl would both look super neat in this nursery, and at the baby shower, everyone will be able to easily find and give something that would coordinate well here.

9 Vintage

This unisex nursery has some really amazing vintage touches that make it stand out from the rest. The green dresser, for instance, could be a family heirloom or may have been purchased at a funky antique store. The prints and artwork above it may have been collected over the years for cheap at garage sales.

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The neutral colors of the rugs and the crib help blend all of these pieces together in a nice way. And the wall of books is a must for any nursery—especially if there are some vintage ones over there that belonged to parents or grandparents!

8 Rustic

A rustic nursery design is another one that can be put together with affordable and special pieces. Exposed wood, for instance, is a staple within this trend, and these boards could have come from a wall in an old house that belongs to the family or could have been found in a scrap pile, even!

A few glam touches have also been added here—like the marquee letters and white furry rug—so the accessories can help make it more feminine or masculine, if that is desired. Overall, it is another very cute idea to keep in mind.

7 Circus

Of course, any color can work for any gender, and many parents choose to go with a rainbow effect. That way, no one color is favored, and many items will work in this room. This specific one went for a circus theme, adding in colorful garlands, a printed wallpaper, and decorations that show off animals.

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This room just screams fun, and any little baby would find so much delight in something this bright! Whether circus animals are incorporated into a nursery or not, it is easy to love the vividness and whimsy that is found in this space right here.

6 Boho

A boho design trend is another one that will work for boys and girls. To accomplish this, think of natural wood when it comes to furniture, add in at least one rug, and make sure there are several plants around the room.

Sometimes, boho can be more colorful, with a sort of lounge vibe. Other times, it is more clean, with touches of mid-century modern, like the one that can be seen in this image. However it is executed, it will be quite original and will provide a safe and sweet space for the new addition to the family.

5 Travel

Travel is a common concept when it comes to designing nurseries, and this one is spectacular. Many people dream of traveling the world, so start the wanderlust early with a huge map print!

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Outside of this focal wall, parents may choose to add in animals for a jungle vibe, airplanes for some retro touches, old globes or suitcases for an antique look, or adventure quotes that add interest to other areas of the room. The deep brown and the wall color here are also both nice ideas since they add sophistication and compliment the map really well.

4 Clean & White

On the other hand, a nursery may be bright, white, clean, and crisp. A neutral color like this on the walls will work as a great backdrop, no matter how someone wants this white nursery to go from here. The sleek cribs keep this space looking neat and tidy.

And the art that is hung kind of sets the entire mood for this specific area—everything is simple, yet there is a sort of playfulness, which is brought out with the font, the table, the globe, and the panda. This is also brilliant for twins, as seen with the double beds!

3 Light & Airy

If a nursery were to combine boho and the clean/white decor above, it would look like this. The style of the chair, crib, table, and lamp… They all have that retro feel to them that makes this room feel really cool.

The drawings of the plants in the frames and the green curtains add a nice pop while still remaining fresh and chic. Then, neutral staples like the bedding, the rug, and the ottoman help tie it all together. This creates something that truly is light and airy but also amusing and interesting without being over-the-top.

2 Literature

Whether a boy or a girl is joining the family, a literary theme is one to consider. Books are so important to the development of children, and bedtime stories are a must! Therefore, run with that when decorating.

Cover a wall in book pages. Have bookshelves everywhere. Add in fairytale-inspired items like this one. Incorporate decor items that are made out of books or that feature characters from popular stories. One could also center the entire nursery around one particular book (a family favorite, for instance), which is a good introduction for the last idea that is on this list...

1 Harry Potter

One of the most beloved stories of all time is Harry Potter’s, and it all makes for the most magical nursery. There are several aspects in these books and films that can be added into rooms through the decor, such as lightning bolts, sorting hats, deer, owls, brooms, candles, castles, and dragons.

There are also breathtaking views from this world that could make for some drool-worthy artwork and focal walls—like this mural of Hogwarts behind this crib! Any little witch or wizard would be oh-so-lucky to come home to and to be brought up in a space like this one.

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