Cops Bring Presents To 1-Year-Old's Birthday Party After His Gifts Were Stolen

A squad of kindhearted cops in Prince William County, Virginia recently helped make the birthday dreams of a little boy come true when all of his gifts - including decorations for his first birthday party - were stolen out of his mother's car.

Brittany Brown, Wyatt's mother, had diligently gotten everything ready for her little boy's birthday this past weekend, including purchasing $250 worth of presents and decorations to make his day extra special. So he wouldn't find them, she decided to keep them in the trunk of her car overnight - a decision that would prove devastating.

When she went to retrieve them the next morning, she was stunned to discover that every single gift, even the decorations, were gone.

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"I was in total shock," she said. "In the 18 years I have lived in that home, nothing like that has ever happened to me. It made me feel very violated and unsafe.”

When the cops arrived at her home to file a report on the incident, one officer in particular was especially moved by the family's plight - so moved, that he immediately enlisted his precinct to help make it right and give little Wyatt the birthday he deserved. Officer Richards - who was incidentally the first to respond to Brown's call - and his team quickly went out and purchased brand new toys for Wyatt, just in time for his birthday. Within just one hour of filing the report, he returned to the Brown's home, making up a story about forgetting to fill out some paperwork.

When Brown stepped outside, she got the most wonderful surprise. Exiting his squad car was Officer Richards, and he was bearing gifts.

"I went outside and saw toys in his trunk thinking they somehow had found his presents!" she said.

It was then he confessed that there was no paperwork.

"I told my squad what happened and we all pitched in to get [Wyatt] birthday presents," he told her. "We all have kids and would be devastated if this happened to us."


Brown has nothing but gratitude for the wonderful gesture on behalf of the officers, saying she feels blessed to experience such generosity.

"It turned a terrible situation into something so joyful!" she said. "I never thought anything like that would happen to me, but the officers showing up with gifts was an even bigger shock!"

Surprisingly, she doesn't feel any anger towards the person who stole her gifts. In fact, she hopes that they are now making another little boy who perhaps needed them more, just as happy as Wyatt - who went on to have an "amazing" first birthday celebration.

The big-hearted officers also got a shoutout on behalf of Prince William County Police Department's Facebook page.

"From everyone at #PWCPD, we want to wish Wyatt a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" it read.

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