Cops Stop Car Going 100 MPH & Find Woman Giving Birth Inside

When the cops saw a car going 100 mph, they thought "well this guys is running from something". But when they finally stopped Colin Ellmore, they found that he was running towards something, the hospital. 

Cops did not expect to find a woman giving birth in the back seat! It turns out that Ellmore was bringing his 26 year old daughter, who had gone in labor, to the hospital. They were not able to make it to the delivery room because Mia Rose decided to make her entrance on the side of the road! "We boxed it in forcing it to stop and when it did the driver got out and we thought he was running off," Sergeant Simon Goss of the Hampshire Police told Portsmouth News. "But he ran around the car to the passenger side and shouted something about a baby. When we got to the car, we saw the baby in the man's hands. I have never experienced anything like it before."

Both mom and baby are doing great!

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