This 1-Year-Old Had A Costco-Themed Birthday Party & The Photos Are Perfect

Josie Gonzalez decided to pay homage to her favourite store, Costco, so she made it the theme of her son’s first birthday. The entire celebration was well-received by her guests—presumably fellow Costco-lovers themselves. For those without a Costco membership card, at least they were able to visit this adorable little version.

Originally, Gonzalez wanted a rainbow-themed birthday party because her son is a rainbow baby. Before he came along, she suffered from a miscarriage that really damaged her mental health. She had a missed miscarriage, which means that her body didn’t realize that the baby had died, so it continued to go on as if she was still pregnant. After this tragedy, her pregnancy with Mason made her a lot happier because it went so well. She loved the rainbow party idea, but she knew she would get too emotional about it, so she decided to go to her happy place: Costco.

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The idea started because her friends were sending her memes of people dressed as Costco employees for Halloween. Her loved ones knew how much she loves the wholesale retailer, so it only made sense to them to inspire her to have a Costco-themed party. It didn’t take long for Gonzalez to come up with ideas for décor, games, and food that fit the theme.

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On November 9th, two days after Mason’s real birthday, they held the party. They had a table of “samples,”—everyone’s favourite part of walking around Costco—as the food for the party. For decorations, they copied Costco’s signature red arch balloons, and they labelled things around the house (including their golden retriever, Sampson) with the signature block text that the store has on its items. The couple was wearing Costco shirts, and they were handing out name tags similar to those that employees wear.

The best part of the party was the “employees of the year” wall. Here, they put a photo of Mason at every month of his infant stage. At the centre is an adorable photo of one-year-old Mason wearing a Costco shirt looking very distressed. The party was a hit, and it made them all remember how fun it is to shop at a huge wholesale retail store.

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