15How Is PMDD Different From PMS?

PMDD is more than just a little bloating and cramping before a woman gets her period. It is a condition that is classified as a disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. PMDD usually gets more severe as menstruation nears, causing the woman to feel very strong emotions like

tension, anxiety, anger, depression.

If a woman's PMS symptoms are so severe and are beginning to affect her mentally and emotionally, some doctors will consider a PMDD diagnosis. While PMS symptoms may be uncomfortable and unpleasant, PMDD can cause severely debilitating symptoms that interfere with a woman's ability to concentrate, do work, and interact with others.

A recent study showed a strong correlation between a woman's symptoms and interference in all aspects of her life. Women who have PMDD reported significantly more interference in relationships with their husbands and families than women who have PMS.

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