Counting On Stars Kendra & Joe Duggar Become Parents For The Second Time

Kendra and Joe Duggar of reality show Counting On have welcomed their second child, and first daughter, into the world.

Chances are every parent will go through similar stages when having and raising their first child. Following the pregnancy, birth, and first few months of sleepless nights, many might say "never again." Some might say it jokingly, but deep down really mean it. However, as time passes and your child grows, the thought of giving them a little brother or sister starts to creep back in.

Many of us then think, "it'll be easier this time around, we have done it all before." Then the second little one arrives and more often than not, it is a completely different journey to the first time around. Either that or you are reminded how hard having a newborn baby to look after can be. It's still a magical and amazing journey though, no matter how many times you take it.

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Earlier this year, Kendra and Joe Duggar revealed that they were about to take that journey all over again. TLC has now reported that the Counting On stars' second baby has arrived. A baby girl, so their first daughter, who arrived this past Saturday shortly after 5:30 am. The couple has named their first daughter Addison Renee Duggar, a welcome change from some of the more niche baby names other celebrities have been opting for.

"Addison Renee has made us a family of four and we are already so in love with her!" the couple told E! News this week. Addison will be a little sister to Joe and Kendra's first child, Garrett. The two-time parents are firm in the belief that he will be a terrific older brother to the new arrival, and we would like to second that.

The build to the birth of little Addison has been a busy one for the Counting On couple. They documented some of it via a maternity photoshoot which also featured their son, Garrett. It was also the second anniversary of the pair's wedding not too long ago. A busy time for the celeb couple, but a very happy one.

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