10 Country Boy Names

When you are thinking of baby names for your little one it can be hard. There are so many names that you have to go through. There are names that you instantly veto and then there are some you need to put on a list to come back to since it’s a possible choice.

Some names that have a wonderful charm to them are southern names. Southern names have a rustic way about them that holds up for years making them a great choice for parents to use. So keep reading to discover ten country boy names that are perfect for any boy that lives in the south or not!

10 Bear

A great name that you need to consider for your son is the name Bear. Bear is a fantastic southern name for a son since bears are known for being fierce and protective of their loved ones. This is who you want your son to grow up being.

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You want your son to be able to go after whatever you want with a fierce attitude and not to back down. Also having your son be protective over his loved one is a great trait to have to make sure he is always looking out for those who need it.

9 Davy

One of the most iconic men in the south is Davy Crockett. Known for being the King of the Wild Frontier and being apart of the Texas revolution. The name Davy is a true southern name that you can give your son while honoring the late Davy Crockett.

Giving your son the name Davy is perfect for you how wants to use a name that is not widely used by people since they go for the name David instead. Talk to your partner about the name Davy after the person who helped make the south what it is today.

8 Tex


A common nickname in the south is the name Tex. It is used as a way of endearment that someone used between friends or people that you respect. This is not just a term of endearment but is also after a very iconic southern state, Texas.

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Tex is a perfect name for you to give your son since it is on-trend with nicknames and short names that are making a huge trend in 2020. So pick the most southern name we know and give your son the name Tex.

7 Earl

The name Earl is known for being used more in the south then in other stated, but if you are looking for a sweet southern name for your boy then you need to consider that name.

Earl is a southern name because of how it sounds with two vowels being at the beginning of the name. The name Earl is a charming name for your son to have that he can grow into. Next time you talk to your partner about baby names make sure to tell them about the name Earl.

6 Knox


Knox is one of the most interesting southern names that you can choose for your son, this is because of the towns, cities, and counties in the south that are called Knox or have “knox” as a part of their name.

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Names.org reports that name Knox has been a favorite among more parents over the years as more people are choosing this name for their son. We can’t blame them for selecting this name for their son when it is a dashing name for any boy. Think about the southern name Knox when choosing a name for your little one.

5 Nash

When you hear the name Nash, you will instantly think of a southern boy. The name Nash, which is taken from the Tennessee capital of Nashville is a great way to show you love of southern names, but also a wonderful way for you to show your love for one of the liveliest cities in our country.

Nashville is known for having great music and people and we know this name will inspire your son to live his life to his own tune and not to just do what other people tell him to do and how to live his life.

4 Colt

A very country name that is perfect even for a city boy is the name Colt. This is a very southern, country name since Names.org mentions that the name Colt is also what you call a young horse.

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Since horses are known for loving freedom of running around this can be a memento for your son to run after what he wants in life and not to let anything keep him from his dreams. The name Colt will be a constant reminder for your son to reach the freedom he wants in his life, whether that is to be his own boss, travel, or whatever his dream is.

3 Wyatt


Wyatt is a sweet name that you should think about for your son. This is a terrific name for a son to have since it is a name that will fit your son at any age of his life. Wyatt has been becoming a very popular name over the last few years, according to Names.org.

With this name gaining popularity we think that this is a perfect chance for you to go with a trend and use a southern name that you love. Make sure to put the name Wyatt on your list of possible names.

2 Hunter

One of the biggest hobbies in the south is hunting. In the south, it’s a way of life, something that is taught to kids at a young age and is done more for families to get fresh meat then for sport. That is why Hunter is a great choice for a southern name for your son.

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Hunter is a very strong name that you can give your child due to the meaning behind the name. But being a hunter isn’t about killing, it’s about being resourceful and smart about your surroundings just like your son needs in his life.

1 Forrest

Forrest is a name that nay little boy would love to grow up having. This name is best known for being used in the movie Forrest Gump after the titular character. In the movie, Forrest is a sweet man who follows his heart and gut.

This allows him to live a very fulfilled life where he can meet new and exciting people and have wonderful experiences. So give your son a southern name with an amazing character that he can think of have when he hears his name.

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