Country Star Thomas Rhett And Wife Lauren Convinced Third Baby Would Be A Boy

Lauren Akins is pregnant with their third child. She admits that she thought her daughter was going to be a boy!

Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren are pregnant with their third child. They already share two beautiful daughters. They have their daughter Willa Gray who is now 3 1/2 years old. They adopted Willa while she was pregnant with their daughter Ada James. Ada is now 2 years old. Thomas and Lauren announced that their child was going to be a girl and they were very excited. Thomas shared on his Instagram that he was so excited to be able to tell everybody that he was going to be able to pay for three weddings. And then Lauren announced to Instagram by sharing that their family didn't have enough princess dresses!

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They seemed very excited to be able to have another daughter and be able to share three beautiful princesses together. However, Lauren admits that she really thought she was going to have a baby boy and she was excited to have a son. She isn't sure why she thought she was going to have a boy. She knows that the old wives tale is that girls make you sicker and she is much sicker with this one than with Ada, so she isn't quite sure why she thought this baby was going to be a boy. She is not disappointed at all about having another girl though!

Although this is her third child, this is only her second pregnancy. She said that during this second pregnancy she has noticed that her body has changed much quicker this time around than it did during her first pregnancy. She realized that she got bigger quicker and she has even started feeling her daughter move around earlier than with Ada. She admits that she loved experiencing the pregnancy with Ada, but since it was her first she was nervous a lot. During this pregnancy, she already knows what she is doing and so she doesn't have to be as nervous and she can be more excited about the entire thing.

The couple isn't really sure how many kids they want. Before Thomas and his wife became pregnant with their third child he said that there are some days that he feels complete with his two kids. Children are a lot of work and he said it can be stressful waking up at 6 in the morning knowing that he has a show that night that is going to keep him up quite late. However, he said that he also wants to sit around the Christmas and Thanksgiving table with the most gigantic family! It will be interesting to see how many children these two have!

Congratulations you guys and we are so excited to see pictures when this little lady comes into the world. I am sure Willa and Ada are going to totally love on her all the time!

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