Couple & Baby Thank Their ‘Guardian Angels’ For Saving Them From Drowning Car

Quick thinking strangers are being considered heroes as they saved young parents and a newborn baby from a sinking car.

Thomas and Diana Windsor were driving their vehicles in Hillsborough County, Florida. They were driving with their newborn daughter in the backseat. The young family was just about to get off an exit on I-75 NB when their vehicle was sideswiped in a hit and run. The car was hit so hard that the family car ended up rolling off the road and right into a retention pond.

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The young family ended up trapped in their seatbelts while the car laid horizontal in the water. Right then siblings Jolisa Jones and Aaron Allen saw the car in the pond and immediately jumped in to help. They ended up being able to save the parents as well as their newborn daughter.

Via ABC Action News

Allen said, "I looked through the windshield the dad was curled up around the baby. Protecting the baby." Thomas and Diana recounted their experience and they remembered the car shifting. They felt like somebody was trying to pick up the car and save them. They thought it wouldn't be possible for anyone to lift up their vehicle. Somehow Jolisa and Aaron were able to push the car upright. Allen quickly ripped off his shirt and tied it around his fist. He punched the windshield until it shattered. Thomas was able to hand their 11-day-old daughter to Allen and then eventually the parents were able to exit the vehicle safely and found themselves on dry land. Allen said, "I got 14 stitches, it pretty much looks like a big bite right here." However, he powered through his injury and the pain was obviously worth saving the lives of this family.

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The siblings never thought about their own needs. They never thought about being late for work. We need more people in this world who work hard to serve others. Due to the selfless "saviors", the family has the chance to be able to watch their little daughter grow up. The police are still looking for the driver who ran into the family's vehicle and drove away. That driver could have easily killed this young family. Thankfully Good Samaritans were able to save the Windsor family!

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