After 4 Miscarriages In 6 Years, This Couple Found An Amazing Discovery

As any parent can attest, each pregnancy journey is completely different. For one couple, their personal journey toward parenthood involved an unbelievable amount of challenges. Over a period of six years, Allyson Ponto had experienced a total of four different miscarriages. Completely heartbroken, the couple wanted to try a different approach as they continued on their journey. Originally from Minnesota, the couple had decided to turn to another method, including in vitro fertilization, or IVF.

Posted by 4 Peas in a Ponto on Friday, March 31, 2017

According to an article from the Epoch Times, mother Allyson Ponto only had a thirty percent chance of conceiving. As such, doctors ended up implanting three embryos. Fast forward six weeks and Allyson headed in for her ultrasound, the couple was incredibly surprised to find an amazing discovery. According to the scan, their doctor revealed that the family would be expecting a total of four babies. After over a decade of astonishing pain and complete heartbreak, the couple was beyond overjoyed to welcome four baby girls into the world.

Posted by 4 Peas in a Ponto on Friday, July 21, 2017

At 32 weeks, the Ponto family welcomed four bundles of joy, and all four babies were delivered via cesarean. Named Olivia, Anna, Morgan, and Carolyn, the couple's daughters needed to receive respiratory support at first, but were later cleared to head home after several weeks. “It makes me cry, like every day, because I’m just so happy that they’re here and they’re healthy,” Allyson said with joy, “...Four babies I can’t believe they are all ours!”. 

The Ponto family has continued to update followers along with their parenthood journey with their Facebook page, 4 Peas in a Ponto. With thousands of fans, the family often shares photos and videos of the beloved quadruplets. Many families with other similar situations have reached out to the Ponto family for support and encouragement. One follower expressed how seeing the Ponto family has inspired so much hope for her own life, and she has shared that she cannot wait to experience motherhood for herself in the future. Robbie Johnson, a top fan of their page, wrote, "If you only knew how much joy you bring to so many people posting these adorable pictures! Thank you for sharing with us!" in a comment. In a time when many headlines often bring about rather depressing news, this is such an inspiring tale of resilience and hope. Best wishes to the beautiful Ponto family and our hearts are with everyone experiencing a similar journey.


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