A Couple Shows Their Gratitude After Their Daughter's Successful Heart Transplant

A little baby girl received a heart transplant about one year ago and the parents are unbelievably grateful for the successful procedure. Now the couple has a healthy little girl that has her whole future before her.

Hazel was born on August 22nd, 2017. When she was born she began to turn blue and clearly was struggling to breathe. The hospital staff rushed her to get an x-ray and little Hazel was diagnosed with a heart tumor. Hazel was immediately taken to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she would be admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit. The tumor was investigated and it wasn't cancer, but it was growing within Hazel's little heart. The tumor would soon take over her entire heart and would begin to crush her lungs if something wasn't done for her. She was hooked up to ventilators and laid in an incubator because it was incredibly difficult for her to breathe.  Her mother, Amber Adams, told USA Today, "I felt broken, unlike anything I have ever felt before. You feel helpless." Little Hazel needed a transplant, or she would die. Adams went on to say, "We couldn't hold her or anything. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. It's a parent's worst nightmare."

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Hazel was on the list for three weeks before she was matched with a heart. Hazel Harrison received her heart on October 7th, 2017 and was immediately was taken into surgery. Thankfully, Hazel took to the heart transplant very well and she began to start to grow like any other little girl. Hazel is now one year old. She is small but perfect.

Hazel is now happily pulling herself up on furniture. She loves to walk from one couch to the other and she is so proud of herself when she passes another milestone. It was really hard to watch their child having to deal with such a hardship. They practically lived in Milwaukee with their 2-year-old daughter while Hazel was waiting for her heart and after the surgery. The community back home supported Amber and Hazel. "This is our new normal," Amber said. "To be where we are now is just amazing. We can't thank everyone enough for the support. The community came together and really helped a lot."  The Auburndale tractor parade, an event the school holds each year, used its spring event as a fundraiser for Hazel.

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Amber can't believe that just one year ago her little baby girl was fighting for her life. She feels like it was just a blur, but she enjoys looking at pictures from back then. She is reminded of how precious and fragile life can be and to never take anything for granted. Her favorite picture of her little girl is a photo of her in the hospital looking at the camera with tubes coming out her nose. Amber said, "she doesn't even look happy, but I love this picture. Like everything was going to be OK."

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