This Couple Also Had A Baby In The Lindo Wing But It Wasn’t Royal

Prince William and Kate Middleton weren’t the only couple to pose for the press on the steps outside the Lindo Wing the other day. Another couple was photographed with their new bundle of joy leaving St. Mary’s Hospital, as reporters anxiously awaited their first glimpse of the new prince.

People magazine was first to break the story of the non-royal couple that got caught up in the midst of Royal Baby mania in London. The couple, which have not yet been identified, found themselves posing for a slew of press that were waiting to meet the newest member of the Royal family. They were greeted outside with a their own newborn in a brand new carrier.

In photographs, which have now gone viral on social media, the couple is all smiles. Although they do look a little bit in shock as the press bombards them.

“A baby has been born in the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s hospital. But it’s not the royal one. A couple enjoying their proud moment on the steps #katemiddleton #babycambridge3 #dukeandduchessofcambridge,” shared Simon Perry a photographer and reporter for People magazine on Instagram.

The comments section of Perry’s post became flooded with congratulations and well wished for the non-royal couple. Users also remarked how ironic the moment was and what a great story these parents have to tell their little one when he or she grows up.

It is a cool enough story to tell your kid they were born in the same hospital wing on the same day as the royal prince. Now the parents get to add how their little family was captured leaving the hospital, as the press awaited the first viewing of the royal baby. Oh and of course, how they became viral news instantly.

The unsuspecting couple, who was simply trying to leave St. Mary’s Hospital with their new baby, has taken it all in stride. They have also reminded the world what normal people look like when leaving the hospital with a baby. They do not look like Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Whoever the unidentified couple is, congrats on the new addition to your family, too. It has been quite the interesting few days for their family, as well.

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