Couple In Hot Water After Announcing Pregnancy With Handmaid's Tale-Themed Photoshoot

A couple from Orlando, Florida has sparked some controversy when they chose The Handmaid's Tale, a story originally written by Margaret Atwood, as their baby announcement theme.

Leah Hampton, 28, and her husband Marquis Wimberly, 27, were looking to add a bit of flair and originality to their pregnancy photoshoot. Not expecting any backlash, they posted The Handmaid's Tale themed photos to Facebook and were met with a lot of criticism for their choice.

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Leah dressed in a handmaid's red dress, similar to the ones seen on the recreated television series, while Marquis wore a black suit and tie. Captioning the photos, "Blessed Day! We are happy to announce that I am carrying the precious fruit, arriving February 2020. Happy Halloween!," they did not expect it to go viral.

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Going from a creative pregnancy announcement to 'promoting rape', the couple received hateful comments surrounding their choice in theme. For those unfamiliar with the story, the women (handmaids) are raped and used to increase the population.

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Comments included, "Congrats on your rape baby.", "Nothing says 'I'm excited about my baby' like rape references.", and "Ignorance at its most repugnant.", among many others.

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Neither the parents-to-be nor photographer Brittany Garcia, expected to see such hate directed at the photos. Leah explained that they were simply trying to think outside the box in terms of pregnancy announcements. Being fans of the show themselves, they thought it would be a fun way to share the news.

Against Marquis's wishes, Leah spoke out about the hateful comments they were receiving by writing, "Some people have been so viscerally moved by The Handmaid's Tale that our photo shoot has upset their sensitivities." She goes on to say, "They care so deeply and passionately about women that they have resorted to harassing a pregnant woman on Facebook" and that the comments will not be forcing them to remove the photos.

The comments didn't stop there, however. Marquis says that people then began questioning their abilities as parents and were posting numbers for rape survivor hotlines, assuming that's how the child was conceived.

Leah and Marquis are trying not to let the negative comments get to them because they really love the work that they created.

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