Couple Keeps Baby’s Gender A Secret To Protect Them From Prejudice

One British couple has decided to avoid having people treat their child with unconscious gender bias so they are keeping their child's sex a secret.

It is becoming more and more popular for parents to not identify their children as a gender. Many people believe that gender and sex are completely different things. The sex of the child describes the type of anatomy the child is born with, while the gender of the child is what the child might identify as. One family even shares that they are raising their children completely outside of gender and are calling their child "theybies" to make sure that they have the opportunity to choose the gender that they might identify.

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One couple decided to jump on the "theybe" trend and hide the baby's gender from everybody in order to protect the child. The couple has chosen to not tell people if their baby is a boy or a girl to make sure that nobody has "unconscious bias" toward their child. In fact, the couple didn't even tell the child's grandparents. The grandparents found out the sex when they changed the child's diaper. The toddler, Anoush, is now 17-months-old and they are still protecting the babies sex. The parents avoid gender-specific pronouns and call the child "they" and "them" and dress Anoush in boy's and girl's clothing so that nobody would suspect certain sex.

The toddler's parents, Jake and Hobbit, decided that they were going to protect their child from all the gender bias by just not telling anybody the sex of their baby. Hobbit really wanted to make sure that her child got to choose whatever gender they would like. The couple decided that when their child is old enough Anoush can choose whatever gender he or she might identify as. The parents want their children to choose their own gender pronouns.

The parents just wanted their children to be able to wear whatever color they wanted to wear without getting made fun of by their peers. Hobbit said if their child was a boy that he wouldn't be able to wear pink or play with dolls without getting mocked. She said that if their child was a girl that she wouldn't be treated equally and she would not be able to wear blue and play sports without being treated like a girl and less than the boys. Hobbit didn't want that for her children and so she decided to go gender-neutral.

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